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"If It Weren't For You Meddling Kids!"

Treat's in Delia's bedroom. She's lying on the bed, and he asks her why she didn't tell him she wasn't feeling good earlier. Delia: "I'm a trooper." Yay, Delia's back! Thanks for finally listening, Berlanti. Treat removes the thermometer from Delia's mouth and tells her that she has a pretty high fever, and it's probably the flu. Delia worries that her dad will get it because he just "touched her spit." Treat tells her that doctors don't get the flu. Which means he'll have it by the end of this episode. Treat tells Delia to put on her pajamas while he goes to see if Nina can watch her for a while. Delia worries that Nina will get the flu, too. Treat says that he won't be gone long; he just has to go to the police station to "fix this whole thing" with Judge Marvin. Delia says, "The man you sent to prison?" Hee. Treat argues that he did NOT send Marv to prison. Delia says, "He's really old, isn't he?" Treat: "Uh...78." Delia says that he's probably going to die in jail, and that Treat must feel pretty bad. I love it when Delia's innocently snarky. Treat says that NO ONE is dying in jail. He gets up to leave. Delia tells her dad that he should probably get her some juice before he goes, because "the kitchen's really far away, and [she's] feeling really weak." Somebody let me adopt this kid. She and my seven-year-old would get along just fine. We have twin beds and I'll let you drink Coke after supper, Delia! Treat rolls his eyes and goes to get his patient some juice.

Cut to a town meeting, where it seems the whole town has gathered, including one "reporter" from The Pinecone. Mayor Rose is trying to calm everyone down. She says that she doesn't know much either, but that right now the Police Chief is taking Judge Marvin's statement, and he'll be processed accordingly. The "reporter" asks Rose if he'll be fingerprinted. She says yes. He asks if that'll be in black ink or red ink. Rose wants to know what that has to do with anything. "Reporter": "The Pinecone readers deserve to know!" Heh. I wish I wrote for The Pinecone. Brenda The Nosy Real Estate Agent says she bets Marv bludgeoned Horace to death with a hammer, just like in Presumed Innocent. If we have to do this with the pop culture references, can they at least be entertaining? Please see "Girls, Gilmore" in your handy-dandy Not Stupid Pop Culture Reference Book, writers. Rose says that's ridiculous, that there's no murder weapon, motive, or body. Patch bursts in through the crowd and bellows, "Or a MURDER!" He walks up to the front and says that the drifter probably just drifted to another town. He demands that Marv be released immediately, and that the crowd, whom he calls "fish-wrap tabloid consumers" (hee!), pack it up and go home. He says that Marv was his dad's closest friend, and that he's "mad as a duck" and can't possibly be confessing to anything truthful. "Tomorrow he'll be confessing to being a turkey sandwich; what do we do then, serve him at a deli?" A random townsperson says that Dr. Brown would never send an innocent man to jail. Everyone turns to look at Treat, who is standing in the back. Treat sheepishly says, "I didn't send anyone to jail! All I did was call for backup! I mean, help. Advice." Treat's so cute when he's in trouble. Patch tells Treat that he'll be talking to Marvin from now on. Treat says the least he could do was get Marvin out of the mess that Treat put him in. Patch says, "And with your help, he'll end up in the electric chair!" Rose tells the crowd that nobody can talk to Marv until the Police Chief is finished, and that if there are no more questions, they can end the meeting. The "reporter" says, "Yeah, just one more. Do you know if the prisoner will be getting a hot lunch or just a sandwich?" Rose holds her head so it doesn't explode.

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