Extra Ordinary

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Extra Ordinary

Abbott House of Amy's Sadness. Amy's watching TV. She's DEPRESSED. Rose comes in and asks her if she needs anything. Amy says she's fine. Rose turns off the TV, and tells Amy that this is no way to live. She talks about when they used to have stupid fights and argue and pout and cry and yell for hours: "It was so much fun!" Rose tells Amy that she's not doing well. Amy wants to know if she has to see a therapist. Rose says she needs to talk to anyone that might be able to help. Amy says she will. Then she jerks the remote out of her mom's hand. And then Rose should have slapped the shit out of that bitch.

Cut to Treat, in bed. Irv tells us, "It's overwhelming, really. So much purports to be extraordinary everywhere you go. It's hard to say what really is, anymore." Treat gets up and walks downstairs to find Ephram practicing. Irv continues, "But like an elegantly articulated brushstroke, or a perfect piece of music, or even a flawed one, you know it when you see it. It fills you with a flush; it holds your breath for you." Treat watches his son play. He asks Ephram, "You realize it's 7? You realize it's Saturday?" Ephram smiles and keeps playing. Delia walks downstairs, groggy. She asks Treat, "Are you punishing him?" Treat says, "No, honey. He's just practicing. Let's go back to bed." He picks her up, and she says, "I'm glad I'm not a genius. I can sleep 'til noon." Best Delia line ever. Treat carries her back upstairs, and Ephram plays on. Irv says, "You know you're in the presence of extraordinary when there's just no guessing." This show sucks.

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