Extra Ordinary

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Extra Ordinary

Some nerdy guy introduces himself to Bright as the new guidance counselor. He asks to see him for a second. Bright asks him to wait until the cheerleaders do their pyramid. Hee. Bright follows the guidance counselor into his office. The guy tells Bright that there's a problem with his Math grade. Bright remembers -- he says he knows he failed, but that he took it over again during the summer. The guidance counselor tells Bright that he, uh, failed the class. Bright stutters, "I can take it over again, right?" The guy says he's worked out a new schedule for Bright -- one which involves being kicked off the football team until he passes Trig. Ouch. Bright says, "But I'm a senior now...I'm hoping to get recruited for football. How can I apply if I can't play football?" The (dumb-ass) guidance counselor tells him that there are other strategies, and asks him how he feels about his grades. Um, he just failed Trig. He feels GREAT about them! Gah.

Cut to Treat's office. He's wrapping up the wrist of one of the cheerleaders. Pyramid injury, one assumes. The girl says that she was having "killer cramps" all day, but that she just got made new co-head cheerleader, so she did the pyramid when she shouldn't have. Her mom comes in and says she just got the message. Mom needs to get herself to a salon, stat. Stringy hair, bad makeup, cheap suit. "Mrs. Wilson" is worried, but the girl says she's fine. Daughter Wilson tells her mom she'll be through in a second, but Treat tells Mrs. Wilson that they're almost done and she can stay. He tells the girl that he can prescribe something for her cramps if she likes. Mrs. Wilson totally busts her daughter, Stacy, by asking her if she had cramps or chest pains. Stacy insists that it's nothing, but her mom says it might not be nothing, because Stacy had breast implants over the summer. Oh, ew. She's, like, sixteen. Treat looks concerned. Stacy freaks. "I can't believe you just told him that!" Little smart-ass. And lower your voice, Stacy, dogs are covering their ears. Treat makes a face of utter confusion. "You had IMPLANTS?" Heh. He tells her that she's barely finished growing. Mrs. Wilson says, "I offered to buy her a Jetta for her birthday, but it's not what she wanted." Oh, God. Sack up, Mrs. Wilson. Note to Parents of the World: Your teenager is not the boss of you. Grow the fuck up and lay the smack down, people. Stacy tells Treat it's totally normal to have plastic surgery, and that her mom had a peel at the same time. Could have fooled me, Mrs. Wilson. Treat still wants to check it out. Stacy reluctantly agrees.

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