Extra Ordinary

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Extra Ordinary

Treat's Office of Bad Boobies. He tells Stacy that her breast is "still under warranty," if she can believe it. Hee! I can't. Mrs. Wilson says, "A rupture? Wha?" Treat says that Stacy does have a leak in one of her breasts, probably accounting for all of the soreness. And here I thought having a period was bad. Leaky McBoob is worried that she'll "deflate." God. I hate her. Treat says she won't, but that she will have to have her implant removed soon. Leaky is all, "But they can replace it, right? Right away, right?" She tells her mom that it's Mrs. Wilson's fault this is happening -- that Mrs. Wilson made Stacy get the surgery in the first place. I don't think so, Joel. Mrs. Wilson reminds Stacy that Mrs. Wilson wanted to buy Stacy a car, not a cup size. Or two. Treat tells Stacy that she could see this as a chance to have the implants removed permanently. Stacy isn't having it. She says she can't go back to school flat again. Stacy's a brat. Treat says that there are rewards of looking a certain way, but that there are also complications, and that she should maybe live a few years in her own body and then see how she feels. Amen, Brother Treat. Mrs. Wilson says that it is something to think about. Stacy says, "Oh, we're going to listen to HIM?" Ooh. Hate her even more. Stacy goes to the car. Mrs. Wilson apologizes, and then tells Treat, "It might be hard to get her to listen to you after all that happened with Colin." Treat looks stricken, but tells Mrs. Wilson that she might want a second opinion.

Fingers of Ephram. He's playing for Gellar the Juilliard Guy. Gellar looks pensive. Too pensive. Mmm, margarita. When Ephram finishes playing, Gellar asks him whether he's ever played that piece before. Ephram says he hasn't really, but that he likes it. Gellar says, "Hm. That was...um..." Ephram: "That was what?" Now he's getting worried. Gellar says he doesn't know how much he should disappoint Ephram. Ephram says, "I was hoping not too much." Gellar tells him that he has "the ear," but that he's a mess of bad habits. Blah blah bad technique, blah blah stiff wrist, hollow posture blah. There seem to be a lot of "blah"s when Gellar talks, don't there? Gellar says that he can actually stand all of Ephram's problems, but that what he can't take is that Ephram doesn't sight-read well. Ephram says that he learned the piece. Gellar says that he needs to look at the music all the time, and that Ephram has been getting by on his ear and muscle memory. Ephram doesn't see the problem. Neither do I, frankly, but I'm no expert. Ephram says that he can work. Gellar gets up to leave, saying, "You need the eye, too. You want to be the best lounge player in Denver, that's great." He says Ephram's problem is that he has bad habits, and that bad teachers let him get away with it. Ephram says that now he knows what to work on. Gellar: "If I wanted to be nice, I would say 'Yes.' But I'm afraid too many people have done you a disservice by trying to be nice." That hurts, Gellar. Ephram asks Gellar what he can do. Gellar says, "How are you doing with your vocabulary?" He walks out. Asshole!

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