Extra Ordinary

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Extra Ordinary

Brown House. Treat's cooking. He tells Ephram that he was hoping they would be having stew by the time he got home, but that the stew is accidentally soup. Aw, he tries. Ephram says he's late because he was at the SAT prep class. Treat says he thought Ephram was too good for that class, and that piano takes him out of all of that. Ephram gets belligerent. He says that piano's not taking him anywhere, and that the piano plan is retired. Treat doesn't understand. Ephram tells his dad about Gellar, and says, "Looks like your backup BA plan's been pushed to first position." Treat tries to get all excited about Ephram meeting the Juilliard guy, but Ephram interrupts him to be a very smart-assed kid who needs some Treat ass-kicking. He tells his dad that he sucks, his "technique is ass," and it's too late. He turns it on Treat: "You get to gloat about how you always told me to take playing more serious [sic]...I bet you really LOVE this." I never thought I would say this, but: Shut up, Ephram. Treat says he doesn't love anything. He gives us the best lines of the episode: "I don't even know what just happened. I was just making soup!" Hee! He says that he always wanted Ephram to do well in school, but that he'd hoped Ephram would get to be happy doing something he loved. Ephram: "Well, lucky for you, that's not an option." He walks off. Treat stares. Ephram needs a beatin'...or a Treatin', if you know what I'm saying. And I'm sure you do. Commercial.

We come back to Mama Joy's. Treat and Patch sit together, defeated by their bitchy children. Patch hasn't combed his hair in a few days, it seems. Treat says, "I think that's the longest we've ever gone without an insult." Patch: "Today is a special day for all." They drink their coffee in silence. Treat says he's seeing Stacy Wilson again today. Patch says, "Do me a favor. If I offer any more unsolicited advice...do the opposite." Treat says he's never heard Patch admit he was wrong before. Patch says it's a feeling he's sure Treat'll get used to. Then he says, "You have experience having a son that hates you with good reason. Is there anything I should be doing? Is it all pretty much shouting and regret?" Hee. Treat says that his fight the day before with Ephram was about a 5, maybe a 6. Patch says his fight with Bright was a 9.5, easy. Treat tells Patch that he finds contrition works really well.

Brown Office of Trickery and Deceit. Treat has called the Wilsons in to discuss Stacy's wrist "fracture." He says it's a hairline fracture, very hard to see. Mrs. Wilson studies the x-ray, and says, "That's a HAIR." Treats all, "Huh. Oops." He says that, since they're there, he'd like to talk about Stacy's surgery options. Mrs. Wilson says that they've heard plenty from "you doctors." Stacy says she doesn't need to hear anything. They start to leave. Treat: "Oh, I think you do. And the proof is in those two leaky bags of salt water you had hard-pressed into your chest. Sit down." Woo! They sit. Treat tells them that he's seen cosmetic surgery save lives, but that Stacy hasn't had time to think about it, that she's a girl who woke up one morning and decided to buy a woman's body. Stacy says she's old enough to decide on her own. Treat tells her that if her biggest concern about some leaky breasts is that she'll be flat again,she's not old enough to have them. Then he turns on Mrs. Wilson, because, as we have all agreed, this is totally her fault for not stepping up. Treat tells her to chill about the boobs, and to make a decision when Stacy's older. They sit down to talk about Stacy's options. Yay!

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