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It's morning at the Abbott House. Ephram, who has slept on their couch, is awakened by both his cell phone and Patch Abbott's cheerful yammering. Amy comes downstairs and apologizes to Ephram about her dad being the "definition of a morning person." She asks if he slept okay, and says he can stay as long as he wants. Patch says he's not sure that's such a good idea -- he spoke with Treat the night before, and Ephram's father is very concerned. Ephram suggests they file that under "too little, too late." Patch says he promised he'd say something. Ephram says it's fine, he's not staying long anyway, and thanks Patch for letting him crash. Patch tells Ephram he's welcome, and adds, "Should anyone care for a tofu scramble, I'll be in the kitchen." Amy asks her weirdo boyfriend how he really is, and Ephram claims to be not just a wreck, but a tired wreck, and says he can't stop thinking about how Madison must have told Treat she was pregnant. He says three days ago he was in New York, and his life was perfect, but things were obviously going way too well. He tells Amy she's the only person he can trust right now. Amy says she just wants to help, but doesn't really know what to do. Ephram says he has to figure it out on his own. Amy leans her head on his shoulder and asks what he's going to do. Ephram: "I don't know. But I've got to do something." Oh, the DRAMA. Credits.

When we come back, Nina's having coffee with Treat. She's all, "So all this happened a year ago, and now you're like, 'Hi let's have coffee my son got his girlfriend pregnant and he thinks I ruined his life.' Huh." Treat says he should have told her sooner. Nina says, to be honest, she's a little grateful to have been out of the loop on this one, but it must have been awful for Treat to carry this all around by himself. Treat says it was, but he's fine now; he could wallow in self-pity, but what would be the point? Nina: "Oh, you don't need a point to wallow. That's the beauty of the wallow." Heh. Treat says he spent way too much time worrying about Ephram last year, and now he wants to refocus by catching up on what's going on in Delia's life. He also wants to catch up with Nina, and asks her if they can have dinner. Nina says she can't, as it's "Movie Night with Jake and Sam." They make a plan for the next night, but then Nina remembers that Dimples got them concert tickets. Treat says he had no idea that she and Dimples had gotten that serious. Nina says they've just been hanging out a lot, but it's no big deal. Uh-huh. She leaves for work. Treat drinks his coffee alone, alone, alone.

Hey, Hannah's back! Bright gets her bags out of the back of his truck while Hannah thanks him again for the ride. Bright tells her if she says "thank you" or "sorry" again he's going to have to kill himself. Hannah: "Sorry. Sorry." As Bright helps her unpack, Hannah tells him how weird it was being home -- her mom cried when she left, and she didn't even do that the first time -- and that it feels like a whole other life she left behind. Bright jokes that it looks like she brought most of it back, and goes to work reading her fourth-grade diary: "Dear Diary, I think I, like, love, Robbie Schmitzer. He has smooth muscles and alabaster skin." Heeee. Bright can't believe Hannah used words like "alabaster" in fourth grade. Hannah says she did find one thing in there, and grabs the diary from Bright. She reads, "Dear Diary, I found out today that my dad is sick. If God will make him better, I promise to eat all of my vegetables." Aw. Hannah says she didn't know anything about medicine or science when she wrote that; she really believed God could cure something like Huntington's, if she just asked. Bright says he thinks that's why people pray: for insurance, just in case it works. Hannah gets this bright-idea look on her face, and says maybe God did answer her prayers, and she just didn't realize it because it didn't come in the form she was expecting. "I was too late on my dad, but...maybe God saved me instead!" Bright is all, "Hmm. Maybe? But I think your test was negative because you didn't have the gene." Hannah: "Maybe, but just in case? I owe God some serious vegetables."

High school. Amy and Ephram are having lunch when Ephram drops this bomb: "So how hard do you think it would be to find him?" Amy chokes, "Why...uh, why would you want to do that?" Ephram says he just wants to make sure he's okay. Amy asks what Madison said. Ephram relates the story about the nice couple taking him from the hospital. Amy thinks he should ask Madison, since she met the couple. Ephram says if he asked her, he'd have to talk to her, and if he talks to her, it means he forgives her, and he just can't do that. And furthermore, if he forgives Madison, it's like he forgives Treat, and somebody needs to please just go ahead and kill me, because this show is about to do me in. Amy, who is cheering me with her totally resigned attitude, says she wishes there were something she could do to make it better. Ephram asks if it's completely crazy for him to want to find his son. Amy says unconvincingly, "If it's what you want…" Ephram says he thinks it is. Amy sighs heavily, and "offers" to help.

Treat and Delia wheel a buggy through the hardware store. Delia asks Treat what he thinks about dark purple. Treat thinks that might be a little too bordello for a little girl's room, and suggests something in a "natural linen." What is she, eighty? Lord. Delia inexplicably says she can live with that, and they start loading up on supplies. Delia says they could avoid all this work if Treat would just let her move into Ephram's studio after he goes away to college. Treat takes this as an invitation to start hinting around about why Ephram's been gone a lot lately. Delia says she hasn't really noticed. Heh. Treat says Ephram just has a lot going on with auditions and graduation and whatnot. Delia continues not to care, and asks her dad if she gets at least four days for their painting project, since Ephram got to go to New York with Treat for that many days. Treat says he doesn't think it will take that many days to finish her room. Delia gives him a look, and he's all, "Okay, four days. Sounds good." Just then, Dimples McGee comes bounding around a corner all, "Helloooo, happy family!" I love him. Treat introduces Dimples to Delia, who gets a high five. Dimples tells Treat to use the synthetic rollers for painting with latex, explaining that he knows this because plastic surgeons need to be in touch with their inner decorators. Treat sees this as the perfect excuse to invite Dimples and Nina to help them paint. Dimples thinks this is a great idea! Delia, meanwhile, is shooting some hardcore Manson lamps at Treat, and tells him that she gets an extra day for this. As she should.

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