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on out, he's just going to handle it alone. Which we all know really means, "Buzz off, bee-otch."

Brown House. Treat calls Delia upstairs, saying he has a big surprise. He opens the door to her room all, "Ta-DA!" Delia takes in her newly contractor-redecorated room, which is actually very nice, and spits, "It's BLUE." Treat says it's actually "robin's-egg." Delia: "It's UGLY." Oh, shit. Treat, instead of smacking Delia around for being such a disrespectful little shit, says cheerfully, "Okay. We can always change the color, that's not a problem." He tries to show Delia her cool new shelves. Delia demands to know where her old dresser is. Treat says they can move it back if she wants. Delia screams, "WHAT I WANTED WAS TO PAINT MY ROOM!" Treat calls her "young lady," and asks if she isn't a little old for temper tantrums. Delia tells her dad he treats (hee, that never gets old) her like she's five anyway. Treat says that's not true, but right now she's acting like a spoiled brat, and he gets enough of that from Ephram. Delia says she's about heard enough about Ephram. "Can't you talk about anything else on the planet? He gets EVERYTHING!" Treat says that is also not true. "He had three piano teachers, and I never even got my stupid horse, WHICH YOU PROMISED!" Treat says he just got her everything in that room. Delia says she doesn't want that crap. She starts crying, and it's killing me, brat or not. "We were supposed to do my painting project, and instead you invite a million people over and start blabbing with them, and now I'm stuck with this dumb egg room and it's all your fault!" Delia runs out, and Treat knocks the shelves over. Delia comes back and yells through her tears, "That was the only part I liked!" Aw, so awesome.

Abbott House. Patch and Hannah walk in together, dressed up all cute, and Patch remarks to Bright, "Well. I see you haven't moved." Bright says you have to take your time with the Sunday funnies. Patch and Hannah went to church together! Patch asks if Rose is still upstairs. "Yeah," Bright says, "and she looks like crap." Patch says he's sure Rose appreciates his concern, and thanks Hannah for her company before going upstairs to check on Rose, who BETTER NOT BE SICK. Hannah sits down heavily next to Bright. "Problems?" Hannah says she's just a little frustrated with God right now; she has big problems, and can't even get His attention. Bright says he doesn't see how God could miss her, since she's at church all the time. "How many times you been this week?" Hannah: "Nine. If you count the pancake supper." Hee. Bright says she should get a Frequent Worshipper Card. Hannah says it seems pretty logical: if you want to talk to God, you go to church, that's where He works, right? Bright accuses her of hiding out, rather than looking for answers. Hannah would like to know from what. Bright's all, "Oh, I don't know, having to live your life? This disease has always been your excuse to not have to do stuff. Now? That is gone, and you don't know how to feel." Hannah says that is not true. Bright says if it were him, he'd be stoked, all out partying and celebrating, not hanging out with a bunch of Bible-thumpers. Hannah asks him what she should celebrate first, the fact that her dad's on a respirator, or that her brother won't take the test because he's too freaked out and now he and her mom aren't talking. She can't help it, she says, that she is looking for some sort of meaning in her life and he isn't. Bright says this isn't about him. Hannah gets up and tells him to just forget it, adding angrily on her way out, "I'll pray for you, Bright." Oh, Hannah. It's so funny when you're indignant.

Brown House. Nina comes over with a box, and tells Treat she was doing some spring cleaning and found a bunch of his stuff at her house. Nina's ass looks so good in those jeans. Why can't I get my ass to look that good in jeans? I hate asses. Treat barely looks up from whatever it is that he's working on. Nina asks him what the hell is wrong. Treat confesses that Delia's room turned out to be a disaster. Nina says periwinkle was a bold choice. Treat: "Robin's egg." He says he's made a huge mess out of everything. Nina asks if he's finally given in to the wallow. Heh. Treat says at least when he gave Ephram the studio, he got a hug. Nina says she knows he thought he could avoid the problem with Ephram by surrounding himself with everyone else, but it's not going to go away. Treat says he can't force Ephram to talk to him, so why push it? Nina: "Uh, because it's affecting everything else you do. You're fighting with Delia, you're fighting with Jake, and now you're trying to pick one with me, but I'm not going to let you, because the person you really need to be fighting with is Ephram." Treat says he can't fight with Ephram, because Ephram is right. "I made a terrible mistake, and I can't ask him not to hate me for it." Nina says maybe he should give Ephram a little space, but not to try to cram his catch-up time with Delia into one session, because she can tell if he's half-assing. "Like low-carb lasagna, I mean, what is the point?"

Amy walks into Ephram's studio and proclaims, "I? Am a goddess." Ephram is lying on his couch, being depressed. Amy asks him if he remembers Chris Templeman, the guy who tried to recruit him for Colorado A & M. Ephram says he didn't apply there. Amy says yes, but she remembered he loved Ephram, and also graduated from Juilliard, so she called him, and...he got Ephram another audition. Ephram can't believe it. Amy: "I know. You can worship me now." Ephram tells Amy he loves her, and he hates to tell her this, but he can't go -- he already bought a ticket to Marin County. OH MY GOD. Amy tries to talk some sense into her completely kookoopants boyfriend, but he won't hear it. He says piano isn't who he is anymore, and every time he thinks about New York he gets sick. Amy tells him that he needs to freaking stop, and focus, and remember what his life is about. "This life. Not the life that you didn't get. You're not going to get another chance at Juilliard, do you understand that? God, this is exactly why I didn't tell you in the first place." Oh. Oops. Ephram's like, "Wait, back up, what did you just say?" Amy realizes her mistake. She says she was going to tell him, but she didn't want to freak him out before his audition. Ephram is about to lose it. He asks her how she thought this was something that could possibly wait. Amy tries to explain that she didn't want him to screw up the audition that he worked his whole life for. Ephram tells Amy that she's just like Treat, only worse, because he thought he could trust her. Oh, shut UP. Amy says she was just trying to help, and asks him to think about what he's giving up. "Is seeing the baby really that important?" Ephram tells her that, right now, it's more important than her. He tells her to get out. I hate him. Commercials.

We come back to Amy sitting in her car, listening to sad music and crying. Patch goes out to talk to her. He asks how long she's been out there. "About twenty minutes. We broke up." Patch says he's so sorry, and that he was out of line the other night. Amy says she understands why he did it, why you want to protect the people you love. Patch says there's one thing he knows about her and Ephram, and it's that they have a remarkable penchant for working things out. Amy, crying harder now, says she's pretty sure it's over. Aw.

High school. Topher finds Hannah eating lunch, and says he hasn't seen her at church lately. Hannah says she's taking a break from church, and just trying to work some things out. Topher asks what it is. Hannah says she's got some things going on at home, because her dad has Huntington's disease. Topher says he knows, and he's been wanting to say something, but wasn't sure. He asks her if she has it. Hannah, who looks mortified, says she doesn't. She says that is actually the problem: God saved her from the disease, and she's been trying to think of a way to pay him back

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