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, but she can't figure out how. "It's like the guy refuses to take a check!" Heh. Topher says he can't see how she could do more for God, or for anyone, since she's already, like, the world's most perfect person. I love this guy! He tells Hannah that maybe she's already paid God back by being the person she is. Hannah clearly likes this answer, and tells Topher that there is one thing she's not great at. "I could probably take more risks." Topher says it's always nice to have something to work on. Hannah decides to take a tiny risk right there by asking Topher out. Topher, of course, says yes, and they both start giggling like loons. It's the cutest thing ever.

Brown House. Treat tells Delia it's time for dinner. Delia snaps that she's going to eat in her room. Treat starts to walk out, then walks back in. "You know what? No. You're going to come downstairs, and you're going to sit down and have a meal with your family." Delia says it's just Treat. Treat says he doesn't care; he's the father, and this is the rule. He also says he knows he screwed up with the room, and he knows he's been distracted by Ephram lately, but fair doesn't always mean equal -- Ephram's older, and it's very different. "I promise you, when you become a teenager, you will get the same exact treatment." Delia asks if she'll get an ugly car, too. Heh. Treat tells her you have to take the bad with the good. Delia finds this an agreeable plan. Treat asks her what she's doing on the computer. Delia says she's just IMing with her friends. Treat asks if he can see. Delia starts explaining the complex world of pre-teen angst, and we fade to...

...a tree-lined street in Marin County. Ephram's cab pulls up to a house with, seriously, a white picket fence, and a baby swing in the yard. Ephram just sits and stares at the house until the driver has to ask him if he's getting out, or what. He says he's changed his mind, to go back to the airport, and the cab drives away. Well, that was pointless.

Treat is outside waiting for Ephram when he gets home. Ephram asks Treat if he's waiting for him. Treat says yeah, he sure is, and he found out from Amy where he went. Ephram's all, "I'm sure she told you." Treat gets up in Ephram's face, which he should have done a long time ago: "I'm going to say this once. I don't care how pissed you are at me, or Madison, or anyone else. You can't do this." God, finally. Treat says that they're going to have to figure out some way to live with this, and that Ephram doesn't have to forgive him, but he doesn't get to walk all over him, either. Ephram tells Treat that he's not trying to walk over him; he's trying to walk around him. Then he says, in this super-creepy monotone voice, "Don't worry. I'll be leaving soon." How? As a scary monster? Ephram steps around Treat and walks inside. Treat is left all by himself on the porch, and we fade to black.

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