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Fate Accomplis
room. Suddenly, we're inside, and Madison is telling Ephram that "they" are really nice people. Ephram, clearly in shock, is like, "I'm sorry, who? Who's nice?" Madison starts telling Ephram about the super-great couple she chose to adopt their child, but Ephram can't take it just yet. Ephram's like, "So. You had a baby. You had our baby." Madison nods, and says she thought about not having it, had actually planned on not having it, but then just couldn't. Ephram wants to know where he was during all this. Madison says she found out just before he left for the summer program in New York. Ephram can't believe he wasn't even a factor. Madison tells him that he was, of course he was. Ephram begs to differ: "I got you pregnant, and you didn't tell me. What, was I too young or too stupid? Why wouldn't you come to me?" Madison doesn't know. Y'all, she is pitiful, and it is killing me. Ephram says he would have done something -- "I would have done anything." He says he doesn't know who she is, she's not who she was, and she's certainly not even a fraction of the person he fell in love with. Shut UP, Ephram. How about a little sympathy for the girl who carried your baby for nine months, BY HERSELF, and then had to make the hardest decision of her life, BY HERSELF, because she was ordered to by YOUR DADDY? How about it? No? Then shut it. Madison says she knows, she knows. Ephram does not, in fact, shut it, and tells Madison that she doesn't know, because she just took away a year of his life that he spent with somebody he can't even look at now. Madison says she's so sorry. Ephram: "And then you just came to New York without telling anybody?" Madison says no, she actually had "him" in Denver, and has only been in New York for two months. Ephram asks, "What did you just say?" Madison, weeping now, says it was a boy. "I'm so sorry, Ephram. I hope you can find it in you to forgive me." Madison gets up and leaves, and I wish she had kicked him in the balls on her way out.

Back in Everwood, Amy Abbott stares at her ticking clock. She frets to Rose that it's three o'clock in New York. "They're probably together now. He says she looks good, she says he looks good..." Rose tells Amy that this isn't healthy. Amy wonders if she brought the baby. Rose says they don't even know if she had the baby. Amy is all, "But what if she did? They're probably walking it in the park, right? I mean, that's what you do." Heh. Aw. Amy says Ephram is such an awesome guy that if Madison did have the baby, he would take responsibility, and that's huge. "Probably a sign that they should be together." She asks her mom if she ever thinks about destiny, like how much of your life you actually control, and how much is just handed to you whether you like it or not. Rose: "Heavens, I don't know." Heavens! She tells Amy that people get degrees to discuss that sort of thing. Amy points to an envelope, and says, "What if it weren't from Harvard? What if it were an acceptance letter from Princeton?" She actually says "was," but we're just going to pretend that somebody with a Harvard acceptance letter knows better. Rose reminds Amy that she didn't apply to Princeton. Oh, we'll see about that. Amy says she knows, but what if she had? Everything in her whole life was pointing her in that direction, and maybe Patch's big campaign wasn't such a joke -- maybe it was the universe trying to tell her something. Rose: "So your father's wishes are now part of the great universal plan. He'd love that." Amy says there was a huge turning point in her life this year, when Ephram came back from New York. "We broke up. Maybe we should have stayed that way." Rose tells Amy that she can play the "what-if" game all day long, and unravel your whole life thinking that way. Amy, in typical teenage fashion, learns nothing from her mom's wise words, and looks again at the clock. "It's 3:05. Wonder what they're doing now?"

Hospital. Patch brings Chris Penn a coffee. Chris Penn thanks Patch for waiting with him, and Patch says it's the least he could do. Chris Penn tells Patch that this didn't have to happen; not just the accident, but the whole day. His son was grounded. "All his friends were going skiing, and I told him no, for once. Marcy'd been after him for months to clean the gutters, so we started to do it together." He tells Patch his boy was up there on the ladder, singing some song, making a game out of the whole thing like he always did, when the sky broke. "It was incredible; the clouds just parted right over his head. Perfect day for hunting, right?" Patch remembers that it's the last week for pheasants. Chris Penn: "That's exactly what he said. If I'd have just made him do what he was supposed to do, none of this would have happened." Patch says he can't blame himself. Chris Penn says yes, he can. The doctor walks over and tells the men that Kyle lost a lot of blood and oxygen, and even if he wakes up, there will be certain damage to the brain. He also says that Kyle is stable, and they considered a partial liver transplant, but feel it wouldn't make any difference at this point. Chris Penn asks if it might make a difference. Patch says he thinks focusing on the liver at this point would be like putting a Band-Aid on the problem. Chris Penn: "A Band-Aid's better than nothin'!" Aw. Seriously. The ER doctor says they don't even have a donor. Chris Penn says he's got part of a liver. The doctor tells him what an extremely dangerous operation it is, and furthermore, they don't even know if he's a viable match. Chris Penn's like, "Well, let's find out. Where do I go?" Killing. Me.

Treat is doing some more staring out the window when Ephram comes back. He tells his dad he's sorry he's so late; he was with Madison. Treat asks if he was with her all this time. Ephram says no, then tells Treat the story he already knows. Ephram says he can't even imagine what Treat must be thinking right now. Treat says he's not thinking anything, and asks Ephram how he is. "A little sick. She had it a few months ago, it was a boy, and now he's gone." Treat bows his head. Ephram says it's all finished and taken care of, and he had absolutely nothing to do with it. He says he doesn't even know what he's supposed to do now. Treat asks what he wants to do. Ephram says he wants to report her; there's got to be something illegal about this, right? "You can't just make a decision like this and not tell the guy, can you?" Treat says he doesn't know. Ephram says he never thought he could actually have so much hate in his body, but now it's all he'll ever feel. Treat tells Ephram not to hate her. Ephram wants to know how Madison could do this to someone she said she loved. Treat says Madison did love him. Ephram says if she loved him, she wouldn't have been able to do this. "She just gave him away," he says tearfully. Treat: "You don't understand how frightened she was. She didn't know what to do, or where to go." Oops. Guess that cat's out of the bag. Ephram asks his dad how the hell he knows. Treat finally confesses that Madison came to him first, and asked for his help. "She was going to tell you, but I asked her not to. I told her I would pay for everything. She wouldn't take it...she wouldn't take any money from me. I asked her to leave, and she left. She did love you, Ephram, you have to know that." Ephram interrupts Treat, saying he doesn't want to hear any of this. Treat talks over him, saying if anyone's to blame, it's him, and he just wanted to protect Ephram. Ephram can't take it anymore, and shoves Treat (pretty hard!) out of the way. He leaves the room, and Treat tries to recover from the assault. Commercials.

Late night at Abbott House. Patch finds Bright in the kitchen, and they commiserate about their inability to sleep. Bright says he heard about Kyle, and asks if it was brutal. Patch says yes, pretty much. Bright asks Patch if he had to put his hands right in Kyle's stomach. Patch says that's generally the idea. Bright: "Damn. That's cool." Hee. Patch tells Bright it's not a horror film, and Kyle could die. Bright says that's not what he meant, but doesn't explain further. He says he stil

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