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Fate Accomplis
's going to find his own way. Treat tells Ephram that he knows he thinks he can get away with never talking to him again, but he needs to think again. "We have wasted most of a lifetime, and that's my fault, I know. I made a terrible mistake, and I've asked for your forgiveness. But we can start right now, and try to fix this." Ephram says he doesn't wanna, and if it takes another fifteen years, fine. "See you when I'm thirty." He tells Treat to just go. Treat does, but what he should have done was jerk Ephram to that car so fast he got whiplash. At least act right for your sister's sake, fool.

Patch comes home from work to find Bright jamming out in the kitchen and removing all the contents of the refrigerator. Patch: "Dare I ask?" Bright says Rose told him to clean out the refrigerator. Patch remembers that she did -- three years ago. Bright's all, "Well, better late than never, right? Plus I may or may not have spilled half a can of Cheez Whiz. It's time to face the nasty." He explains his refrigerator filing system to Patch, and shoots a baggie full of something disgusting into the trash can. "Two points. Boo-yah!" Patch smiles, amused in spite of himself. Bright asks how Kyle is doing. Patch says he didn't make it. Bright says that's awful, then asks his dad if he remembers last night when he said Patch was cool, with the guts and stuff. Patch does. Bright says all he meant was that it's really cool what he does. "You save people's lives. You're a doctor, but I always forget that. I can't help but look at you and just see my dad. But that's all I meant." Aw. Patch says he didn't give Bright much of a chance to explain himself, and then reconsiders his stance on Bright moving out. Bright says it's fine, and it'll be better for him to have his own place when he goes to ECC next year, anyway. Patch is pleasantly surprised at this turn of events. Bright says it's time for him to go back to school, and he may not be able to save lives, but there's other stuff. "Like the guys that run the ambulances?" Patch: "EMT workers?" Bright says yeah, and tells his dad it feels good to think about something. He pulls another baggie out of the fridge, and proclaims it "full-on funky." Patch takes it, shoots, and scores. Bright: "Oh, say it with me now. 'Boo-yah!'" Patch: "Boo-yah." Bright: "BOO-yah!" Patch: "BOO-YAH!" Awesome.

Ephram walks up the Abbotts' sidewalk, and Amy comes out to meet him, asking why he wouldn't let her pick him up from the airport. Ephram says he took the bus; he needed to clear his head. Amy gives him a big old hug, and asks if he's okay. Ephram says he doesn't know. Amy stutters around for a while, says she isn't really helping the situation, and asks him to come inside. Ephram tells her to wait. He says he doesn't know what he's doing right now. Amy says in that case, they'll figure it out together. Ephram: "You mean you don't hate me?" Amy's all, "Why would I hate you?" Ephram says things are just really weird, and he sat at the airport just looking at flights and thinking of places he could go, when she called. Amy: "You think I wouldn't call?" Ephram: "I'm just really messed up right now. Will you help me? I don't know what I'm doing, or where I'm going." Amy says of course she'll help him. She reaches out her hand, and they walk inside together.

Next week: Ephram acts even stupider, if that is even possible.

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