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Crazy On A Ship Of Fools

Cut to a bar, where Treat finds Daddy Hart. A song I absolutely adore, Elton John's "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters," plays in the background. Daddy Hart tells Treat, "We already gave you our decision." Treat says he knows, but he needs to say something. He tells Daddy Hart that he knows he's scared, but that fear is only part of it. He tells Daddy Hart that Ephram had an accident this weekend, and he didn't handle it very well. He says he was ashamed that he couldn't help Ephram, that he couldn't take care of someone who was his responsibility. Daddy Hart says he's glad that Ephram's okay, but it's not the same. Treat agrees, and says, "What is the same is that it's impossible to be objective when your own child's life is in danger. We're not equipped for that as parents, as fathers." He tells Daddy Hart that Colin's life is in great danger without the procedure, and he believes he can see that more clearly than Daddy Hart can. Treat begs him to talk to Colin, and to trust Treat enough to put his son's life in his hands. I'll tell you this for free -- if Treat were trying to convince me of something and used that low, quiet, fabulous Treat voice, I know I'd be jumping how high. Mmm, Treat. Don't tell Sars. ["I'll fight you for him." -- Sars] Daddy Hart looks sadly at Treat, and Irv finishes us up with, "It's easy to create a child. It's the rest we have so much trouble with. Our kids drive us crazy; they keep us sane. We can't wait for them to grow up; we wish they never would." So what? I didn't just get chills. I hate this show. Shut up, Carl.

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