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d Amy are all grown up, not to mention the fact that she doesn't have a job anymore. Patch tells her to come back to work for him and Treat, a more ridiculous idea than moving to Africa. Edna says they've had their run, and she figures Rinda deserves equal time. Patch argues that this is just the grief talking. Edna: "Oh, grief. I've never been much of a mourner. And I'm moving on to Phase 3. Harper would have wanted it that way." She busies herself with Lily, who's woken up adorably, and Patch can't do much but stand there and look at his crazy mama and his almost-baby. Commercials.

Abbott House. Amy is giving Lily some love, and Hannah asks her if she doesn't have somewhere to be this morning. "Isn't there a plan in action?" Amy says she still has time, but she doesn't look so sure of those prongs she was talking about earlier. Patch walks through the room yelling into the phone, and Rose exposits to the girls that he's on the phone with Rinda in Africa, and it must be a bad connection. Now it's Hannah's turn to hold the baby, just so everyone can fall in love. Patch hangs up and says it's unbelievable: Edna never even called Rinda, nor is she expecting her anytime soon. He can't believe Edna lied to him and made up the entire thing. "The question," he says, shaking his finger prissily, "is why." Amy suggests maybe Edna met someone; it's happened before. Patch: "Oh, indeed! The funeral baked meats did coldly furnish forth the marriage table." Rose: "There's no need for Shakespeare, dear. We get the point." Patch thinks it might be Jensen, because he's had his eye on Edna since their senior prom. Rose rolls her eyes, and Amy tells Patch to give Edna some credit. Heh. Rose tells Patch to just ask his mother what's going on, and Patch is all, "Oh, you can bet we will be having a conversation." It will have to be after they clean up Hannah, though, as Lily chooses that moment to spit up on her shoulder.

Over at the Brown House, Treat is fixing waffles for Delia and Nina and Sam. Delia tells her dad that some travel agent called and said he could get him a ticket for tomorrow, no problem. Treat's all, "Great, thanks!" Delia asks where he's going, but he won't tell. He says it's just a thing, and he'll be gone for a day or so. Nina's looking at the real estate listings and complaining about the price of housing in Everwood. Guess you shouldn't have closed so incredibly quickly, eh, Neen? Delia tells Nina they have lots of room at their house..."right, Dad?" Treat says they do, and tries to pretend he's not jumping up and down on the inside. He suggests they all go to the mall, and make a day of it. Delia, who is already sitting underneath a huge pile of gifts, asks if that's where her birthday/Bat Mitzvah present is. Treat tells her good things come to those who wait. Sam, meanwhile, is trying to get Nina's attention, and when he finally does, he asks if he can call Jake. Everything gets really awkward, then Treat tells Sam he can use their phone. Sam says that's okay, his mom has his number in her cell phone. Wow, it's a good thing Treat's so rich, because he's going to be paying for a LOT of therapy for little Sammy in a few years. Either that, or sending him ten dollars a week to buy cigarettes in jail.

Hannah and Bright are actually at the mall, and they're wandering around talking about what they'll be doing next year. Bright says he's going to figure out his major before he starts classes next year at A&M, and Hannah tells him how proud she is of him. Aw. Bright asks if she's narrowed down a school yet, then adds, "I heard about Sarah Lawrence. That sucks, I'm sorry." Hannah says it's okay, she didn't think she'd get the full scholarship there anyway, but she did get a letter from Notre Dame just today, and she got a full scholarship. And I wonder why nobody told Sarah Drew to stop pronouncing "Notre" like she's some kind of fancy French person or somethin', but we say it like "noter" here yonder. Bright says that's incredible, and asks what she's going to do. He's totally flustered, and it is totally cute. He's like, "So if you decide to go there, I mean, what would, what would, I mean, what would that mean?" Heh. Hannah guesses that would mean she'd leave for home on Friday, then head straight to Notre Dame after the summer's over. Bright: "Okay. And when would you be coming back to Everwood?" Hannah says that's the thing -- she wouldn't. Looks like you better get Hannah on that A&M train and right quick, Brighton.

Sam's, the restaurant, not the confused young boy. Amy is sitting at a table across from Stephergie, and she thanks her for meeting her there. Stephergie asks what's going on. Amy tells Stephergie that this is kind of awkward, but since she's majoring in women's studies..."you know, sisterhood above all, woo hoo!" OH MY GOD. Stephergie says if Amy's trying to recruit her for the program, she's pretty set on marine biology. Amy says she's actually there to talk to her about Ephram. She takes a big, stalling sip of her coffee, then tells Stephergie that, as she's sure she knows, Amy and Ephram were kind of a thing -- a pretty big thing. Stephergie takes this to mean Amy's the girl who had the baby, which Amy is quick to correct. Stephergie says that seems like a messed-up situation, poor Madison, etc. Amy says she's not Madison, since she's Amy. Stephergie just sits there. Amy: "Amy...Abbott?" Stephergie: "Oh, yeah, you're the most recent ex!" Hee. This is going great. Amy finally gets to the subject at hand, which is that she still has feelings for Ephram. Stephergie says she now sees why Amy thought this might be awkward, and they laugh...well, awkwardly. Amy says the thing is, she kind of feels like she has to tell Ephram, because of their history and all. Stephergie's like, "Okay. You do realize I'm not Ephram, though, right?" Amy reminds her about the sisterhood, woohoo, and Stephergie says she gets it, and appreciates Amy talking to her about it first. Amy wants to make sure she's okay with this, because she can sisterhood talk to her more about it if she'd like. Stephergie says Amy's got to do what she's got to do, and she respects that, but..."To be honest with you, I'm not that stressed about it anyway. I mean, come on Amy, if Ephram wants to get back together with you, there's nothing I can do to stop him. But I really don't think that's what he wants anymore." Damn! She shrugs, and adds, "But...good luck!" Oh, it is ON, Miss Hot'n'Sassy, and Amy Abbott's Bangs of Sadness will be taking you down all over the place, coming soon, to an ass-kicking near you. Commercials.

When we get back, Treat is driving Delia out into the country somewhere, presumably for her birthday present. But first, Treat wants to have a heart-to-heart, something he's so good at and something that we won't see again FOREVER. He says he knows it's been a pretty rough year -- she didn't talk to him for a month, and when she did, it was loud. Delia says she's sorry for getting all caught up in that popular crowd stuff, and she won't be mean to him anymore. Treat: "Sure you will. You're almost a teenager now, and it's going to get worse before it gets better. You're growing up. Sometimes I wish I could just freeze time and keep you as that little girl in the baseball hat, but I know I can't. I also know it's going to be a lot more arguments, and a lot more tears, and I'm sure you'll hate me again before you finish high school...but I want you to understand that I'm really okay with that." Delia gets this look on her face, then asks her dad if he's leaving her there in the woods. Heeeee. And that's why I love this show. Treat says he knows it's not going to be as easy between them as it was when she was little. "But whatever happens, just know that when you need me I'll always be here. Because when you think that I'm not listening, I am. And when you think I've forgotten, I haven't." Tears. Kleenex. Shut up. He turns off, and announces that they're here. And of course you know what's coming. Delia sees the sign that

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