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Baby On Bored

Car. Nina's panting harder than she has in her whole marriage, if her husband's sexual orientation is any indication. Ephram says they should have called an ambulance, but Nina says she's not having her baby in one of those. Treat: "How do you feel about a doughnut shop?" They pull in. Nina: "This isn't happening!" Hee.

Treat hauls Nina inside. Some Stoner Boy who's mopping up says they're closed. Ephram: "We're not here for crullers, dude. This woman's about to give birth." SB: "No way! I just mopped!" Treat demands a shoelace from Ephram, and then tells him to go into the kitchen and boil some water, and toss some scissors or a serrated knife into the pot. Also, he needs aprons, towels, gloves, oven mitts, et cetera. Ephram goes to work. SB: "Hey, you're not allowed back there!" Someone smoke him out already. Nina says Treat should call Sarah, although frankly, I don't see the urgency on that front. She's waited years to have a baby; another hour won't kill her, especially since the baby's a little premature. In the kitchen, Ephram frantically rummages for the stuff Treat requested as SB makes a nuisance of himself. Ephram starts to rush back out, but as Nina screams, he says he needs another pot, and SB asks him what size. Ephram: "Big enough for me to barf in." Without disparaging the miracle of birth: Word, Ephram.

Mama Joy's. Edna and Irv are playing Monopoly. Edna wins, and Irv grumpily accuses her of cheating. Edna offers him another game, but Amy's voice cuts in that she's a killer. Edna asks if she's not supposed to be at PMMS's party. Amy says she decided not to go, but she couldn't stay home, because her mom would bug her about being more social. I know he's not in the episode (sob) at all, but if it's a cool kids' party, wouldn't Bright be going? Irv graciously invites her to join them, and goes to get them all ice cream. God, more power to them, but these people eat like pigs at their age. Amy mopily sits down. Edna: "The only time you remind me of your father is when you've got a sour puss on." Well, then you must think she's the spitting image a large percentage of the time. Amy bitches about her friends, saying they pulled a Heathers on her. Um, hi! Recapping right here! Edna doesn't get the reference, so Amy tells her what happened. Edna points out that Ephram's feelings must have been hurt, and Amy comes to admit that she shouldn't have let her friends treat him like that. Edna: "It's not easy to care about someone when the whole world is telling you not to." Amy exaggeratedly turns to look at Irv, like, thanks, but I was actually following along there. Don't pander to me, Berlanti. Edna tells her to trust her instincts. Nice scene, flaws and all.

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