He Who Hesitates

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He Who Hesitates

We open at the doctor's office. The oncologist from last week shows Rose her tumor on a scan, and points out the mass that is "encroaching on [her] spinal cord," and notes it as the reason she's been having those back pains. Great. Rose looks absolutely terrified. Patch asks some doctorly questions about surgical resection. The doctor suggests a course of chemo first, before they go ahead with surgery. Rose, who is still clearly in shock, asks if it's definitely cancer. Oh, man. The doctor tells Rose that it is; the mass showed an osteosarcoma, grade 2B. Now it's Patch's turn to look terrified, as the doctor explains to Rose that "2B" means abnormal cells that have already started to spread into the surrounding tissue. Rose asks when she can have surgery. The doctor repeats that chemo comes first, then surgery. She suggests that they start the next day. Rose says, "Tomorrow? But I have a lunch, and two board meetings, and I told Amy that I would take her dress shopping." Patch gently tells Rose that they can reschedule all that. Rose says she didn't expect this. Patch, on the verge of tears, says he knows. Rose tells Patch she's scared, and we pan down to their tightly clutched hands. Credits. Aaaand, tears.

Everwood proper. Bright and Ephram are just leaving a place I can't quite identify. Bright tells Ephram he needs to see if he can crash at "Clooney's place" on his trip through Europe, and also suggests hitting Amsterdam for a visit to the Green Light District. Ephram corrects, "Red light." Bright says that makes no sense. "Green. Means 'go.'" Hee. Ephram whines that he still doesn't know how he's going to pay for his big European vacation. Bright wants to know why he doesn't just ask his dad, already. "I'm sure he'd buy you your own European country right now if you would just talk to him for five minutes." Ephram says he is just not going to do that; he was, however, thinking of inviting someone to go with him so they could share expenses. Bright says he'd love to, but he's already kind of got his summer planned out. This includes taking an online class -- which would "be a lot cooler if you had a robot teacher instead of a real one" -- and maybe some classes at ECC. Ephram is surprised at this new and improved Bright. Bright says it's not that big of a deal. Ephram says it's big enough to pass up a trip to Europe. Bright starts second-guessing himself, but Ephram says if he's finally getting his shit together, he shouldn't blow it now. Bright's like, "Isn't it weird how I'm the responsible one now, and you're all messed up and lost?" Ephram says he's not quite ready to accept the irony just yet, thanks. Bright says not to worry, he's sure he'll do something much stupider than knocking up his girlfriend and throwing away his future. He adds, "Is it too soon for jokes?" Dear Bright: It is never too soon for jokes about Ephram. Hey, remember when I used to love Ephram? Not anymore. CALL ME.

Brown House. Treat is settling down to a gigantic bowl of cereal when Nina walks in all, "Good morning, neighbor!" She makes a dash for the coffee and asks Treat what he's doing tomorrow night. Treat says he's got some papers to file, and some drawers to clean. My first thought was that Treat needed to wash his underwear, which is what I get for being from the south. Nina offers him a slightly more exciting evening: she has two tickets to the opera. Treat perks up a little. "You mean...with you?" Nina says, actually, she thought he and Ephram could use them. Treat deflates. Not such a good idea, he says. Nina asks if they're still not talking. Treat says they've worked out a system where they occupy the same house but never the same room. Aw. Nina says she's sorry, and tells him to take the tickets anyway, as a thank-you gift. Treat asks what he's being thanked for. Nina says Dimples told her about their conversation from last week. Treat's all, "Oh? What did he say? I mean...what did he say I said?" Nina says she didn't get a lot of details, just that Treat offered some much-needed perspective on how great she is. Treat grins nervously and fakes, "Well, that's me. Here to help!" Nina asks him if he's feeling okay, and notes that he's looking a little sweaty. Ha! Treat lies that he's just warm from the flannel shirt he's wearing. "You know. Creates heat. Anyway, I'm late for a patient." He practically runs out the door, calling back to Nina that she can stay if she wants, have some more coffee, whatever, bye now. Nina looks perplexed.

Amy and Hannah are at Aveda, where Hannah is getting a pre-prom makeup makeover. Hannah can't believe she has to come back on the day of prom and get made up all over again. Welcome to being pretty, Hannah. Amy looks adorable in braids and a bandanna. She tells Hannah that a second trip is totally necessary, as liquid eyeliner can be tricky. Hannah: "Don't you need to be at home wallowing in post-breakup depression?" Amy says she already did that this morning, and has more plans for it this evening, so right now it's all about Topher. The Aveda makeup lady, who is going to town with the blue eye shadow, asks Hannah if Topher is her boyfriend. Amy echoes, "Yeah, is Topher your BOYFRIEND?" Hannah says she objects to that line of questioning. Amy tells her she can't object. "I just broke up. You need to do things that make me happy." Hannah says she doesn't know, and besides, they haven't even kissed yet, so it's confusing. Amy needs to know how it is possible that Hannah and Topher haven't kissed yet. Hannah says they just haven't. "But I'm happy about it, you know, it means that he respects me." Oh, Hannah. Amy's like, "Uh huh." Hannah thinks he's just waiting for the perfect moment. Amy tells her it doesn't get much more perfect than prom, so she better bring some extra gum. Hannah starts to freak a little bit. Amy tells her to just enjoy it, because sometimes you forget to and then you break up and all those moments are gone, like when your boyfriend looked at you a certain way, or -- and here, Amy tears up -- brought you a cookie that was all nice and warm from the snack bar. Hannah's all, "Awwww, don't cry. I'll bring you a cookie." Amy composes herself, then looks at Hannah in shock. Hannah looks in the mirror and gasps at her hideous, neon- eye-shadowed, magenta-lipsticked self. Amy: "Uh, we'll just take the blush."

Abbott House. Patch comes home to find Rose cooking up a storm. He reminds her that she's supposed to be resting. Rose says she feels just fine, and she's making a roast chicken and potatoes, which everyone loves. She adds that they're having rice pudding for dessert. "You know how Bright needs his sugar when he's feeling upset." Aw. Patch wonders what Dr. Atkins would think of this dinner. Rose says Dr. Atkins can bite her bum; she wants everyone to feel full and happy and safe when they tell them. I can't take it. Patch tells Rose she's a good woman. Rose goes to open the oven, stops, and grimaces in pain. Patch walks over and tells her to please sit down. She does, reluctantly, and Patch goes about washing the potatoes. He says he's been thinking that maybe they shouldn't tell the kids just yet; it might be better to wait until they know more about what's going on. Rose asks, "But, wouldn't they notice if I suddenly felt ill, or had to miss work?" Patch says sadly, they probably won't. "They're teenagers. They'd sooner notice a 2-for-1 sale on Stridex pads." He says they don't have to decide anything right now, though. Rose starts to cry. Patch puts his arm around her, and asks, "Sweetheart?" Rose complains that she can't even finish making a simple meal. Patch tells her that, first of all, there's nothing simple about a roast chicken, then says, "Rose, you have always taken care of me. Now it's my turn. Let me take care of you for a change." He kisses her on the head. Rose considers this, and decides, "Well, you better get a move on if you're going to get th

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