He Who Hesitates

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He Who Hesitates
ou guys have been like my family this whole year. I mean, I...I don't, like, think of you as my brother." Hee. Bright says he gets it, and makes a "huh" noise. Hannah asks him what. Bright: "What?" Hannah: "You just said, 'Hmph.'" Bright gets embarrassed, all, "Naw. Uh...is there something I can do to help?" Hannah sets him to work tasting her soup. Bright says it's perfect. And IT IS.

A caption tells us that it's three weeks later. Patch opens the bathroom door and tells Rose he's almost ready. Rose, who has already lost her hair, sits on the bed. Patch chats away about what they should do after that day's appointment. Rose sits quietly as he talks about going to breakfast, and what a good day it's going to be. "Harold," she says finally, "I can't feel my legs." Patch looks at Rose questioningly, and we fade to black.

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