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We open on the season finale with nearly the same lines that opened the pilot: Irv tells that he "wasn't there the day Colin Hart's life changed forever," and then he says a bunch of other stuff that I'll be damned if I'm going to type out. What follows is basically a recap of the entire season, packaged up into a nice little montage of images: Colin diving into the water the day of his accident; Colin and Amy sitting in the sun on the bank, smiling like fools; the actual wreck; Amy Abbott standing by Colin's hospital bed. We switch over to NYC and Andy's story: the accident scene; moving to Everwood; that bad-ass scene in the first episode with Treat and Ephram screaming at each other; Treat alone. Then the two stories converge: Amy meeting Ephram; talking on the ferris wheel; kissing; Treat operating on Colin. Then Colin's new self and descent into MADNESS, I tell you! MADNESS! Colin breaking the trophy case, beating up Bright, crying, blah blah. We flash to the present, where Colin is playing basketball in his driveway. Irv tells us, "The boy hadn't decided if life was worth dying for -- the choice was all his own." Colin shoots. He scores. He looks kind of cute. Shut up.

The camera cross-cuts to Colin bouncing the basketball on Treat's desk. He asks Treat, "If I do nothing I could just stroke out any day, right?" Treat says it's possible, but that there are an infinite number of outcomes. He says that if they succeed, only his motor skills would be impaired. Colin wants to know which way it will go. Treat doesn't know. Colin asks, "Can you promise me that I won't be a vegetable?" Treat: "No." Colin: "Can you promise me that I won't lose my mind and my memory?" Treat: "No." Colin: "What can you promise me?" Treat: "Nothing." Colin takes a deep breath and tells Treat, "Okay. I'm in." He walks out. Irv finishes, "This is the story of Colin Hart. And Andy Brown. It's the story of a town that lost its center and strove to regain it. This is the story of Everwood." Aw. Credits. Aaaand I'm already sick of typing.

Breakfast at the Brown House. Treat is fixing breakfasts and packing lunches. He yells upstairs, "Where are my children? I don't hear feet moving!" Oh, Treat. You've come so far. Ephram walks in with his best cuteness on and tells Treat that they're not going to be gone by six. Treat expositions to Ephram that they're "visiting university, not enrolling." Road trip! Ephram says the last time he took a trip with Treat, he ended up in Everwood. Heh. Delia says she's ready, and Treat orders her to use the bathroom, since she has a bladder the size of a proton. The Browns head out.

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