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University. Ephram, Delia, and Treat walk in on the end of Dr. Douglas's class and take seats in the back. Dr. Douglas goes on about medicine, Wernicke's area, et cetera, ad tedium, until he catches sight of Treat. He stops for a second, then says, "What we do know is that maintaining what you've learned is a process of keeping your neural pathways in constant use. If a patient -- or even a doctor -- ceases the practice of any skill...the essential pathways degenerate." Ooh, BURN. Treat looks sheepish. Dr. Douglas ends the class. Ephram comments, "He sure looked happy to see you."

Cut to Treat, chasing Douglas down the sidewalk. Treat calls him Donald. Doctor Donald Douglas? Heh. I'll be calling him Triple D from now on, if you don't mind. He clearly looks like a gangsta thug, being old and white and in a suit and all. Triple D calls back to him, "What did I say? The day you walked out on your gift would be the last day that we talked." Goodness. Asshole much? Treat reminds him that whatever he left was his to leave behind. Triple D wants to know what about HIS time, the time he spent teaching Treat everything he knows. Well, yes, because this is so OBVIOUSLY all about you. Triple D starts to walk away again, until Treat tells him that he has "a patient." Triple D starts to listen with interest when Treat starts explaining Colin's case to him. Treat tells him about the complications and the need for more surgery. Triple D: "You want to go back in." Treat: "You tell me." Triple D nods, and just like that, I kind of like him. Commercial.

We come back to Triple D and Treat. Hee. Triple D and the Treats is the name of my new band. I'm the lead singer. Sars is the drummer. ["Hello, Cleveland!" -- Sars] Anyway. The magical medical duo are in a bar, talking about Colin's case over a couple of cocktails. They say a bunch of medical words, and then start using bar paraphernalia to make their points. Treat pours out a packet of sugar, and traces a path through it with his finger as he says, "I dissect around the nerve and transpose it." Triple D drops a cherry into the sugar and asks about bleeding. Treat has an answer for that, too. He picks up the cherry and eats it. More medical blibbety-blab. Triple D grabs an olive on a toothpick and asks, "What if the vessel is stenotic?" Treat takes the olive, pushes it to the other side of the toothpick, and replies, "In that case, I use a stent." Bravo! I loved this scene. They start up again with the medical talk, the main point of which is that it's a very dangerous and risky surgery, and Colin might die. Which we all knew. Treat assures Triple D that he won't mess up, but Triple D suggests a situation that they just can't figure out. Gosh, being a fictional brain surgeon is HARD! I wonder if they should consult Dr. Drake Remore. Triple D says they'll sleep on it, and talk tomorrow. He invites Treat and "the kids" to a tea at his house the next afternoon. All right, a tea! Why don't these people ever have fun parties?

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