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Ooh, Amy and Bright are sneaking out of their house. Amy climbs down that paragon of all television houses that kids sneak out of, the trellis. Bright tells her to be quiet and hurry. Colin waves them out the gate. Badness! Amy's nearly out when someone shines a flashlight on her. It's Patch. "What's going on?" Amy asks her dad how he heard them. He says they're about as stealthy as a gaggle of gorillas. Heh. He says, "Is this Colin's idea of pre-operative preparation, corrupting other youths into committing vandalism?" Amy: "Um, I don't know what you just said, but we're not going to graffiti anything if that's what you think." I thought you were an honors student, Amy Abbott. Big words not that hard. Amy explains that Colin just wanted one day for her and Bright. Patch sighs, and gives her his cell phone. He orders her to call every four hours, and get back in time to get some sleep. Aw, Patch! Cool daddy. Amy hugs him and runs off.

Back at the university, Treat is taking Ephram and Delia on a tour. Ephram is super-bored, and tells Treat that Delia died at the "last place that wasn't the place you were looking for." Treat is apparently looking for some parking lot that is important to him in some way. Delia complains that they've been walking for hours. Ephram bends down and lets Delia jump on his back. Dear God, I love him. Uh, can I get a ride after Delia? Treat says he thinks he knows where it is. Ephram says they're late for Triple D, and need to do this some other time. Treat doesn't care. Strains of REM start to play, and we cut to…

…Colin, Amy, and Bright, driving a cute little red convertible. Amy and Bright tease Colin about where he's taking them, suggesting Disneyland and other wacky places, but Colin won't tell. Amy interrupts Bright, "Ooh, I love this song!" She turns up the radio, and they all sing along to "Man On The Moon" for a little while. Bright has a pretty nice voice, which makes Amy roll her eyes and tell Colin to turn it back down. Aw. I like singing Bright. Shut up, Amy. Bright sings anyway, and eventually they all join in on the "If you believe...they'd put a man on the moon" part, smiling and laughing and grinning at each other, and if this weren't Everwood, it'd be an awful, cheesy scene. But it is Everwood, though, and we're all forced to love it and hate ourselves for it in the morning. Don't act like you didn't, either.

Brown Family, arriving at Triple D's tea. Pretty fancy house. Triple D greets them, and Treat groans, "You didn't!" Triple D laughs, and says, "Everybody's waiting for you." He leads Treat into the next room, where a huge crowd is gathered. Delia is incredulous. "Are they all here for DAD?" she asks Ephram. Triple D introduces Treat to the crowd as "the prodigal in both senses -- Dr. Andrew Brown." Everyone applauds. Ephram stares, clearly seeing his father in a new light. Daddy's a ROCK STAR!

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