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Back to Amy, Bright, and Colin. Bright: "So this is your big surprise. Mile High Pancakes?" Colin tells Bright that they're only at the halfway point, and to chill. Mmm, pancakes. Amy gets up to use the restroom, and asks Colin to order chocolate chip pancakes for her. Mmm, chocolate chip pancakes. Damn, I'm hungry. Bright asks Colin what's the difference between two confusing items on the menu. Something about bacon and sausage. Colin laughs, and tells Bright he asked the same question the last time they were there, and the difference was "a hash brown and twenty-seven cents." Colin is making me CRAZY with all this "oh, I'm so CHARMING now! No more Krazy Kolin! Love me! Love ME!" business. Because I need to hate him, and based on the previous few episodes, I should. Yet now he's all nicey-nicey? Infuriating. Colin tells Bright that the only thing he can't remember is the night of the accident. Bright studies his menu even harder. Colin says, "Look, I know you think it's your fault." Bright finally says, "That's because it is." Aw, Bright. Colin tells him that he remembers the inflatable pool in Bright's front yard, and the time he first slept over, and "you're it, man. You're my best friend. Whatever...happened that night, it's all good between us." Bright gives Colin a meaningful look, and then says, "So, uh, which one costs the extra twenty-seven cents?" Colin smiles. I think I may have a little tear. That was exactly what Bright needed to hear. I hate you ALL!

Triple D's crib. Triple D finds Ephram alone in the library. He says, "If it makes you feel any better, I haven't read all of those." Ephram asks him how many he wrote, though. I love a man who loves books. EPHRAM THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO CALL ME UNTIL FALL! I HAVE A REALLY GOOD TAN NOW AND AM VERY CUTE!!!!! I CHECK MY EMAIL ALL THE TIME!! Triple D says he likes to hide out during parties, too, but Treat is the opposite. Ephram says he's never seen his dad "like this." "In his element?" Triple D asks. Ephram: "I usually catch him at his least useful." Triple D says that's too bad. Ephram asks Triple D how he knew that Treat was going to be great. He says that you get to be able to tell with doctors, and tells Ephram a story about a patient he saw years ago who had just come out of surgery. The stitches on the patient were so perfect that he knew the attending surgeon couldn't have done them. When he found out who had stitched the patient up, he found out that a student had closed. And that's how he met Treat. He tells Ephram that he and Delia should be proud of their father. Ephram looks like he just might be. Commercial.

University campus again. Looks like Treat might have found his parking lot after all. He, Ephram, and Delia stand on the edge of it. Delia: "This is the best part?" Hee. Treat tells them that he got a driving lesson in the parking lot once, from a girl "in the dean's office [he] was trying to sweet-talk." On their first date, she got in his car, then drug him to the parking lot and taught him how to drive a standard shift. She told him that "no self-respecting surgeon should be allowed to drive an automatic." Of course, we all know it was Julia, and now Ephram and Delia do, too. Treat holds the keys out to Ephram. "So. You wanna learn?" Ephram's face lights up. He's so cute. I'm so not funny this episode. Why can't it suck just a little bit? Damn you, Everwood, damn you to hell!

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