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Back to the road trip. Colin has brought Bright and Amy to the fancy baseball field. It's all decorated for the graduating class. Colin says, "I guess this is what a jillion dollars'll get you these days, not bad!" He tells Bright and Amy it's all theirs for a few hours. Bright and Colin run immediately to the diamond and pretend they're playing, but Amy looks like she swallowed a cat. She stomps over to Colin and tells him that she knows what he's doing, and she's not going to let him. What, have fun before he might die? Buzzkill. She's mad because she thinks he's there in case he doesn't get to graduate the next year. Amy says he can't tie up all his loose ends, and he can't finish anything that day with her, because they're not done. She tells him he's morbid. Colin says, "Morbid? You want morbid? Last night I wrote out my will." He laughs a little. That is sort of morbid. Poor Colin. He tells Amy that he just wanted her to have something practically perfect, that she could hold on to. Amy: "I want to hold on to you. If you think you can tie our relationship up into a neat little bow, you can't. You have to come back, Colin." Aw. Colin promises her that he will. They hug. Everwood sucks.

Cut back to the parking lot. Ephram is pitching and bucking that fine BMW all over the place. Treat is trying to help him, but he can't seem to find the brake. Delia sits on the sidewalk. She remarks to a passerby, "Sad, isn't it?" Heh. Ephram finally stops the car. Treat says his patience level has definitely increased since they moved to Everwood. Ephram: "You mean you actually have patience now?" He tells his dad that maybe they're done in Everwood, that they've done what they need to and maybe should go back to New York. He says, "I'm not talking about going back for me. I mean, for you." Where is this going? Is Ephram about to make a sacrifice for his dad? Am I drunk? Don't answer that. Ephram says that he gets it now, and that his dad needs to be doing what he's so good at. Treat says that his children aren't the only reason he gave up being a surgeon. Ephram doesn't understand. He wants to know why Treat would give it all up, and move them to a town he'd never even heard of. Ah, but there's where you're wrong, young Ephram. Which I think you're about to find out. Treat says, "I made a promise." He tells Ephram about his promise to Julia, and how he would be there if anything ever happened to her. Treat tells Ephram, "I broke enough promises to her while she was still alive. It was the only promise left I could still keep." Aw. Not crying. Not even a little bit. Ephram asks his dad, "Do you realize how much easier the last year would have been if you'd just told me that?" Treat nods. He says, "It wasn't supposed to be easy." Piano Music Of Crying Recappers plays in the background.

Colin, Bright, and Amy drive back from their trip. Colin stops at an intersection, and Amy tells him to turn left. He says it'll take longer that way. Amy says she knows. Colin: "Good idea. We'll take the long way." Aw. They look at Bright sleeping in the back and laugh. Colin turns to Amy then and tells her he loves her. Amy: "You're such a jerk." AW! Colin smiles at her and they drive away. Dude! Do something stupid! Say something retarded! Quit making this so fucking HARD for me!

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