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Triple D's house. He and Treat are discussing Colin's surgery. They're still trying to talk out the problem they had earlier. Treat says that if something I didn't understand with cardiac blood flow to the brain happens, he'll "open him up." Triple D: "And then?" Treat: "That's it." Triple D grins at Treat. "That. Is. It." Treat is jubilant. He thanks Triple D for helping him figure it out. He gushes, "That was fun!" Heh. Treat's so cute when he's a huge dork. But Triple D totally brings him down by telling him that just because he CAN do something, doesn't mean he ought to. Treat insists that the surgery will work. Triple D fixes a cocktail, and tells Treat that what he's doing isn't medically remarkable; it's just hard. Treat says he's not doing it for science. He says he's doing it for Colin, and his family, and "this town." Then he Willows, "Everything is...connected. And he is at the center." Then his hair turns black and black veins appear on his face and he flays Triple D. Just kidding. Triple D tells Treat he maybe shouldn't do the surgery, as Treat's soul cannot bear another loss. Treat says, "Well. That's pretty much why I have to do it." He thanks Triple D and wishes him goodbye. Commercials. I look around and find somebody to fix me a drink. Ah. Seven-year-olds make really good martinis.

Brown House. Colin knocks on the door. When Ephram answers, he asks for Treat. Ephram calls for him and invites Colin in. He asks Colin if he should wait with him. Colin says that's fine. They stand and stare at each other awkwardly for about forty-five hours. Kiss! Kiss! Colin finally says Ephram doesn't have to wait. Ephram starts to say, "Well, I feel like..." Colin says, "I know how you feel." Now, what does that mean, exactly? He knows that Ephram wants to punch him back? He knows how he feels about Amy? I'm very confused. Colin says he'll just wait by himself. He goes to the living room. Treat finds him, and Colin says he needs to talk for a minute. When they sit down, Treat asks Colin how he is. Colin fakes, "I'm good!" He tells Treat that his day was amazing. He laughs uncomfortably. Treat has no idea what Colin wants. I don't either. Colin finally gets to the point: he tells Treat that if he doesn't wake up the way he's supposed to after the surgery, he doesn't want to come back. He tells Treat, "Don't bring me back." Treat tries to say something reassuring, but Colin interrupts him: "Just promise me that you won't keep trying." Treat promises. Colin hands Treat an envelope, and says he wrote it down just in case. Treat says, "I understand. But everything's going to be fine. This will never get opened." At this point Colin has tears in his eyes. I don't. Aw. I wish Dr. Brown were MY doctor!

Cut to the next morning, in Treat's kitchen. Nina is there, fixing breakfast and generally helping out. Treat tells her she didn't have to do "all this," but Nina says she doesn't mind at all. As she's putting on her jacket, Treat says, "I gotta tell you, Carl's one heck of a lucky guy." Shit, Treat. You mess up when you don't even know it. Nina freezes with her back to Treat. He asks her if she's okay, and Nina says she's just tired. She gives Treat a very, VERY friendly good luck kiss on the cheek. Why not just lick him, Nina? It would be just about the same. Nina puts on her jacket of hatred and lies and goes home to the empty house where her homosexual husband used to share her bed. I'm mean. Ephram asks his dad if he can drive to the hospital. Treat: "Not if we want to get there alive." As they walk out, Ephram cutely flips his water bottle. Yes, you needed to know that.

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