Last Looks

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Last Looks
fore." He says that everything's fine, and he and Madison are going to maintain a strictly professional relationship. Treat isn't convinced. Madison's all, "Uh...I thought he talked to you already. Sorry about your crazy son." Treat gets up in Madison's face, telling her that she and Ephram are walking a fine line between stupidity and maturity. Madison swears it's all about Delia, and it just didn't seem fair to her. Treat tells her not to fuck it up. Delia interrupts them to show Treat the Jell-O she made that looks like a brain. "Isn't it GROSS?" Treat's like, "Yes, honey. It's very gross." Hee.

Over at the Abbott house, Amy offers to help her mom fix dinner. Rose is making mac and cheese for Bright. She's delighted that Amy wants to help, and instructs her to turn the milk on the stove up a little. Rose tells Amy that if "gobs of butter and cheese" don't cheer Bright up, she doesn't know what will. She starts talking about how hard it is to go through the college acceptance rigmarole, and how bad she feels for Bright, and on and on. Amy's smile fades as she grates cheese and listens to her mom. The milk boils over, and they both rush to save it, laughing. Rose grabs Amy and hugs her, saying how much she's missed her daughter. Amy fakes it until her mom leaves the room, then unpins her Bangs of Sadness in relief.

Back at the Browns, Delia and Madison are playing Spit. Ephram comes in with a bunch of piano music, and there's some awkward back-and-forth between him and Madison about who should leave the room. "We'll leave, you go ahead and practice." "No, you stay in here with Delia." "Really, I insist." "This is boring, get me out of here." Ephram bails, saying he had to go to the library anyway. Delia advises Madison that if she's sad, and Ephram's sad, they need to just get back together again. Madison tries to keep it together, but has to excuse herself to go cry in the bathroom. Poor Madison; she's pitiful. Dear cruel world: Please just let me die. My newfound feelings for Madison have robbed me of the will to live. I can no longer go on. Goodbye, Sars! I hope you find a suitable replacement. Goodbye!

Cut to Bright and Ephram, in the Abbotts' back yard. This time Ephram actually attempts to shoot the basketball instead of watching, and I will tell you for free that Gregory Smith has never handled a basketball in his life. Ephram chatters incessantly about his Madison angst, until finally Bright yells, "Will you shut UP? For five minutes, PLEASE?" Ephram's all, "What's your problem? And can we talk about me again now, please and thank you?" Bright tells Ephram that his life is falling apart, and all he can do is talk about some stupid chick. "Dude, you got dumped. Get over it!" Ephram apologizes for his selfishness. Bright tries to act like he doesn't care, but he's absolutely dying. He tells Ephram that he's pretty much out of choices, and that his whole life is going to suck after high school. Ephram stands there helplessly as Bright slams the basketball as hard as he can into the ground, and walks off. Ephram tries to stop him, but Bright says over his shoulder, "Just go home, dude." A sad Bright is a terrible thing to see. Commercials.

We come back to the high school, where Ephram tosses something to Bright in the hallway. Bright: "You're giving me pudding?" Ephram explains that it's a vanilla and chocolate Snack Pack, so Bright can blend at his own convenience. He apologizes again to Bright about his selfish ways, and Bright says it doesn't matter anyway, because he got his last college letter -- and his last rejection. Aw, Bright. Ephram tells him he can't just give up on school because of some silly rejection letter. He launches into the craziest pep talk you've ever seen, telling Bright that he has to go to "A & M" and convince the guy who wrote the rejection letter -- a "Dr. Edward Berdell"; very clever, writers who work for Berlanti and Liddell -- that he made a yooge mistake. He says that nobody can resist Bright in person, because he's such a charmer, and he's sure it will work, and can they please just hold hands for a little while. Bright's like, "I do talk pretty good, huh?" Hee.

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