Last Looks

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Last Looks
lame Treat, he can't. Treat says it'll never happen again. Ephram says it's nothing to worry about, since he won't have another girlfriend for at least ten or twenty years. He says he can't believe Madison's gone, though; at least when she was at their house, he could see her. Treat tells Ephram a story about how when he was a surgeon, he was always amazed at how people with not much time left to live were willing to go through so much pain, rather than simply letting go. Ephram asks, "Is that your not-so-subtle way of telling me to forget Madison?" Treat: "No. You're never going to forget her." A sad, sad song starts to play as we focus in on Ephram's broken face, and cut to...

Bright, walking sadly out of Dr. Berdell's office. He shakes the man's hand politely, starts to walk out of the building, and finds Patch there in the waiting room. Patch smiles ruefully at his son and stands up. Bright tells him, "Well, you were right. Waste of time, they won't accept me." As they walk out, Patch says that they were idiots, and so was he for not supporting Bright every step of the way. He tells Bright that he could do as well, or better, than anyone else at that school. Bright says he doubts it. Patch replies easily, "You shouldn't." He turns to face his son. "Bright, I was proud of you for every tackle, every touchdown, every three-point shot. I've never been prouder of you than I am right now." Bright says it seems like he didn't come for anything, but Patch argues that Bright came for himself, and that's what matters. He goes on, "What you've done these past few months; your capacity to keep fighting, keep trying to change -- that is the measure of what makes someone great. That's what makes you great." Oh, the tears. Bright's voice cracks as he asks his dad what he's going to do now. Patch tells him that whatever he's meant to do, or to be, will reveal itself in time, and they'll just wait for it together. He puts an arm around his son, and leads him out of one of the most perfect scenes I've seen in some time. Bravo, and please pass the Kleenex.

Once again, Ephram knocks on Madison's door. He jokes, "It's the weirdest thing, I found myself in your neighborhood, at your front door. So weird." Madison smiles, and all of a sudden Ephram is adorable again. Madison invites him in, but he says it'll just take a second. Madison starts, apologizing for not talking to him about Delia. Ephram tells her it's fine, and that he's not going to try to rehire her...or get her back. Madison, on the verge of tears, asks him if he's sure they can't talk inside. Ephram: "Yeah. I think we should do it here, now, before I can't do it at all." Aw. He tells her that she changed his life, everything about it. He says everything's different for him now; not just the obvious things, either, and that next time he'll be able to do it better. Madison tells him that he couldn't have done anything any better, that it was perfect. She suggests that maybe in a few weeks they could do something together, as friends. Ephram: "I could never do the friend thing with you. Let's face it, we were never really friends. Just..." Madison: "...in love." Sniff. Ephram says he's going to walk back to his car, and when he turns around and looks, Madison is going to be inside, and that will be that. Madison nods. Ephram leans in and kisses her for a last time. Madison leans against the doorframe prettily. Shut up. Ephram walks back to his car, and before he gets in, turns around and looks. Madison is standing there. She gives him a regretful little wave, tears in her eyes. Ephram gets in his car to leave. Irv tells us, as Ephram drives into the distance, "A heart is a fragile thing. That's why we protect them so vigorously, give them away so rarely, and why it means so much when we do. Some hearts are more fragile than others, purer somehow, like crystal in a world of glass. Even the way they shatter is beautiful."

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