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We open with Irv telling us about how man is fascinated by the nighttime sky. "Ancient peoples believed that the heavens were ruled by a pantheon of gods, while others thought that the stars were diamonds, dangling just out of reach." Amy and Feisty Nurse Edna are driving in Edna's truck at night. Amy's actually kind of cutely talking about Colin, and how her dad doesn't understand. Edna says she gets why Amy might want to "grab [Patch] by the hair and beat his head against the wall until he barks like a fox." Foxes bark? I had no idea. Edna says the trick is not to let Patch get to Amy; she says "it's all about power." Which makes me sad, because now I'm worried that Feisty Nurse Edna might be the First Evil. Amy tells her grandmother that she's the only person in the family who has even tried to see her side, and really "gets" her. Edna snorts. As well she should. Amy invites Edna and Irv over for dinner the next night. Edna says Patch might be pissed. Amy says that'd be a bonus.

Edna's phone rings. It's Colin. Amy says she gave him Edna's cell number so he could reach her. Christ. Amy fawns all over the phone, when Edna suddenly pulls the truck off the road. They both jump out and stare at the sky. It's some crazy glowy golden swirly thing. Irv tells us that modern science is more helpful than ever before in unraveling the mysteries of the night sky. Edna asks Amy what the hell it is, but Amy's already back in the car talking to Colin again. Ugh. Irv reminds us that "the closer we get to the stars, the less we actually understand them." Credits.

Brown house. Treat has made what looks like a crepe, but turns out to be an omelet. He gives it to Delia and tells her to be "honest, but constructive." She tastes it and hesitantly declares it edible. Ephram, Eeee! comes down and asks Treat if he remembered to pick up his suit. Treat says he picked both of theirs up, and asks Ephram if dark blue is appropriate for an Everwood recital. Uh, what? Since when are there appropriate recital colors? Do they not let you in if you're wearing pinstripes? Treat says he cancelled all of his appointments for Friday, because he doesn't want anything to interfere with the recital. Ephram says it isn't a big deal, but you know it totally is. Delia wants to know if Ephram gets to do the "finale," because he "always gets to do the finale." She says it means he's the best. Ephram says he doesn't know yet, and as he'll be playing "with guys named Billy Jack," it's not as great in Everwood. Heh. Billy Jack Bitch? He asks Treat how many people he invited, and Treat says, "Don't you trust me?" Ephram: "No." Treat says he invited Nina, Sam, Edna, Irv, and Harry. Ephram asks who Harry is. Treat: "Look, if you don't want Harry to come, I'll uninvite him, but he's going to be very upset." Hee. Ephram tells Treat if he sees one video camera, he's walking out. He also reminds Treat that he's in charge of cups. Delia tells Treat she's got his back. Aw.

Treat's office. Treat tells a giant bearded man that he's never met a real lumberjack before, even though this is totally the same guy from last week's episode, when Treat was treating (hee!) the tree-living hippie. We remember, Berlanti! Don't treat us like dummies! Lumberjack and his tiny tiny wife, Betsy, tell Treat that LJ has all this bruising on his chest and stomach. Treat wants to run tests, but LJ says that he has to go to Alaska to work for a couple of months, since things are slow around Everwood. Betsy isn't having it. She insists that LJ stay until they know for sure what's wrong. Gah. This MEOW is going to MESUCK.

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