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Downtown Everwood at night. The Brown Family walks together, and Delia asks her dad if she can go rent E.T. again. Treat reminds her that she's already seen it three times that week. She says she done TOLD them they should buy it. Delia runs off. Treat asks Ephram about KateBot's father knowing everything. Ephram says he supposedly does, but he doesn't know whether that's true or not. Foreshadowing? We shall see. Treat says he's sorry Ephram got caught in the middle of this scandal. He says he feels responsible, since he chose BGA as Ephram's teacher. Ephram says he didn't think he said "lying" was on his résumé. Treat says Ephram can choose the next one. Ephram says he doesn't know if he wants a new piano teacher. Treat wants to know why. Ephram says it's more than what happened with BGA, that he doesn't know if "it's worth it." He wonders what the point of becoming great at something is, if you have to compromise everything to get there. Treat reminds Ephram that he is certainly not BGA -- he's a better pianist, and a better human being. Ephram says, "Am I better than you? Would you have saved as many lives as you did if you had been home for dinner every night?" Treat says Ephram won't make the same mistakes he did. He says that Ephram is fifteen years old, which totally makes me a pervert, and that he's already asking himself these questions. "It took me twenty years of neurosurgery, the death of your mother, and moving us to the middle of nowhere before I even knew what the questions were." Aw, Treat. Ephram says, "Now that you know what the questions are, can we please move back to New York?" Treat tells him nice try. They laugh and walk together. So cute. Irv tells us, "Despite our fascination with the beauty of stars, most people are uneducated when it comes to the basic facts about the heavens. Some mysteries aren't meant to be fully understood. Some questions are best never answered." And...I want to hate it, but I can't. I'm so fired.

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