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Morning at the campground. Edna tells Amy that she forgot to bring eggs, so they're having "rancheros without the huevos" for breakfast. She asks how the recital was. Amy said it was awesome, and that Ephram blew her away. She says he's going to be bigger than "Tori Amos or that guy from Shine." Huh? Whatever. I'm not even going to try to figure it out. Amy says she doesn't understand why Edna wouldn't let her see Colin, but was fine with her going to watch Ephram's recital. Edna says that Amy and her dad both have tunnel vision so badly that they focus on one thing, and can't see anything else around them. She says that Amy's tunnel leads to Colin, and Colin only. She also says that there's a very fine line between devotion and obsession. And I'm super-glad Edna told her that, but I've been there for years, y'all. Edna tells Amy that lots of people need her besides Colin, and that last night Ephram needed her more than anyone, and she was there for him. She says that's the Amy she has always been, and Edna just didn't want her to forget. Amy says, "So basically you're saying that there's more to life than boys?" Edna: "If you want to be succinct about it, sure." They laugh, and share a little moment. Icky.

Suddenly Amy stands up and starts staring at the ground. She tells Edna to look at all the moths around them. There are a bazillion moths all over the place, in the trees, and everything. Edna says it's nasty. Amy says, "No! It's the answer!" She reminds Edna of some article they read about how swarms of bugs can get caught in an electrical field, and glow. She says that they travel in a mass, which explains all the alien theories. Edna says, "And disproves them!" They get all excited that they've solved the mystery, and Edna says she should have bet Irv TWO months of foot rubs. Amy says maybe they shouldn't tell Irv, or anybody -- that maybe people would be happier thinking that there's still something magical in the world. Edna: "You're on, sport." They giggle, and hug. It's sort of sweet. NO! It's dumb! It's ridiculous! Shut up, AB Chao! Just shut up! This show will not suck you in with its saccharine endings!

Recital hall, backstage. Ephram finds BGA and tells him he wants some honesty. He tells BGA that he lied to him, and to KateBot. BGA says, "And why should I be honest?" Ephram says he deserves it. BGA says he doesn't, not where he and KateBot are concerned, but when it came to the music, he was always honest. Leave now, BGA. Ephram says the music doesn't matter, and that he trusted BGA about life, and people, and everything. BGA says he's Ephram's friend. Ephram isn't having it. BGA tells Ephram, "You know what used to be cool about you, Ephram? You didn't act your age." Oh, kind of like how you acted YOUR age when you started shagging a junior in HIGH SCHOOL? Right. Ephram asks BGA how he lives with himself. BGA tells him it's not his problem. Ephram says he's only worried about KateBot. BGA tells him to call him in ten years, when he's done things he never thought possible, and they can compare notes. Ephram: "Screw you." Man, I wish they could say "fuck" on here. Ephram starts to walk out. BGA stops him and tells him that he's a much better pianist now than he was two months ago, and BGA did what he was hired to do. Ephram gives him the stink-eye and says, "Is that what you were hired to do for Kate?" Oh, snap.

Mama Joy's. Treat sits down next to Patch and his big black eye, and asks him how it went with LJ. Patch tells him that it was Betsy with the problem all along. He says that Betsy has an REM behavior disorder. Treat: "People acting out their dreams?" Patch says he thinks that Betsy was acting out her anger at LJ for leaving her to go to Alaska. Treat asks what he prescribed for her. Patch says, "A punching bag for Betsy, plenty of Tylenol for Chuck, and a promise that he will stay in town for the time being." Heh. Patch says that he himself is going back to his original regimen, which is staying as far away from Treat as is humanly possible. He holds his cold glass against his eye and leaves. Poor, funny Patch.

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