No Sure Thing

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No Sure Thing

We open on Everwood at night, at what is clearly a make-out site for teenagers. A Sheryl Crow song plays in the background as we pan down to a running car, inside of which are Amy and Eyebrows, making out. Irv tells us, "For many years now, this sliver of dust-covered rock has served as a haven for the hope-filled and hormone-driven youth of our town. You won't find it on any map, but everyone knows exactly where it is. We call it 'The Point.'" Amy and Eyebrows kiss noisily -- and I do mean noisily, like, seriously, is the thousand-decibel smacking really necessary? -- then move on to what appears to be second base. Amy helps Eyebrows remove her shirt, then more really loud kissing. Oh! Eyebrows tries to steal third. Amy Abbott ain't having it. She's all, "Uh, that was new." Eyebrows gives her that crap line that every teenage girl in the universe has heard: "It's okay, baby. I can wait until you're ready, even if it's never." Amy falls for it, of course, and they go back to smooches. Irv informs us that "On this uncharted piece of rock, many of Everwood's young people first discovered their capacity for passion, and sometimes for love. For them, the view from The Point will be forever etched in their hearts and minds -- a reminder of one special moment when everything changed." Credits.

When we come back, it's to Treat, Rinda, and Delia in the car. They're playing a game that has Delia stumped. "Is it an animal?" she asks. Rinda: "Nope." Who is this new, evil-eye-less Delia? I like her. Can we keep it? It's not a plant, either, but it may be an inanimate object. They arrive at Rinda's, and as Rinda gets out of the car, Delia says, "Wait, wait! Are cartoon characters inanimated objects?" Rinda tells Delia she's getting warmer, and they smile at one another. Treat walks Rinda to her door. They can't believe Delia's being so agreeable. "And thus begins the Great Thaw of 2004," Treat remarks. Rinda says she thinks Delia may be beginning not to hate her. Treat: "Are you kidding? She gave you some of her curly fries. She's crazy about you." Heh. Treat speaks the truth; in my world, fry-sharing is akin to donating an organ. Treat and Rinda giggle, then Treat tells Rinda that he doesn't think his kids would mind if she came over for dinner on Saturday…and then spent the night. Rinda isn't so sure. She asks Treat if he's actually asked his kids if they would mind. Treat admits he hasn't. Rinda says, "Yeah, why don't you get back to me after you've had that conversation." Treat says he thinks they're ready for the next step, and he's tired of waiting. Delia suddenly calls from the car, "Is it Nemo?!" Rinda grins at both Treat and Delia. This seems to make the decision for them. Aw.

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