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Shoot The Moon

We come back to Irv and Edna's, and I can't believe this is twice in one episode. What's going on, here? Edna walks into the kitchen, ready for work, and just before Irv sets something on fire, he says, "Stand back, Mama Bear. Papa's gonna flambé." Awesome. Edna asks what he's making this time. It's Bananas Foster: Retirement Breakfast Part II. Irv remarks that he sure does love that food channel. Edna: "Too bad the bananas aren't the only thing fired around here." Uh-oh. Irv gets all sheepish, and asks Edna who snitched. Edna says it's a small town, and wants to know why he didn't tell her. Irv says he didn't want to get into it with her -- he knew she'd freak shit if she found out they fired him so close to retirement. Edna freaks shit. "Those BASTARDS fired you because of your age!" Irv's all, "Exactly. Causin' a ruckus." Edna says she's going to cause a ruckus, then a fracas, and finally, she's going to kick some ass. Irv says he isn't a fan of their reasons, either, but he doesn't want a fight. Edna asks, "So you're just going to let them put you out to pasture?" Irv says he might be done with the job, but he's not done -- he has a postcard in his head, and he wants to take her there. Edna says she just started a new job. Irv says Scooter needs her, but he won't forever. "Help him set up, and then we'll skip town. I'm ready for Phase 3 of my life, and so are you. Think of all we could do, all we could see. All the places we could make love." Bowm-chicka. Edna says it's no fair talking all romantic when she has to go to work, but that Scooter can just answer his own damn phone for an hour. Woo! Interracial retiree love!

Cut to the tour. The cute little tour guide shows a group of kids and parents around. She describes a building, to which Treat replies, "Nice refugee camp vibe." The tour guide ignores this jackassery, and keeps going. Treat asks Ephram petulantly, "Can we go now? I am starving." Ephram says he hasn't seen the apartments yet. Treat says they're big and brown and blocky like everything else on campus. The infinitely patient tour guide describes a funny thing the seniors do every year around the fountain, and Treat tells her that he'll give her a thousand dollars to say she's joking. Ephram tells his dad to shut it. Treat says he would if he weren't so bored. Ephram tells the tour guide, "Don't mind my father; he had a stroke recently. Very sad."

Scooter's Office. Edna hurries in, late. Scooter accosts her, saying it was a horrible morning, and her duties are to be there on time, do her job, and get her check on Thursdays. "If you can't handle that, you just say the word." Edna, as we all suspected, says the word. She tells Scooter that he's a schmuck, and she's had it with him and his dimples. "I'm moving to Phase 3." She slams the door on poor Scooter and his dimples. Whoops.

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