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Shoot The Moon

When we get back, Treat is just arriving at Amanda's. Treat's teeth are still crazy. Not as crazy as a baby-sized pussy, mind you, but what is? Amanda asks Treat what he's doing there, and he says he's come bearing round two of their music therapy CDs. There's no music playing, and Treat wants to know why. Amanda says dryly, "Oh. The music plan. I took a break." Treat says he hates to be the hall monitor (no, you don't!), but Amanda needs to stick to the plan. Amanda says she played Beethoven until she could sing the words to "Ode to Joy" in German, and she'll get it on again if that's what Treat wants, but first, they need to talk. Amanda tells Treat that he's a great doctor, and a really funny guy, but he has serious listening issues, and if he's going to treat (heh) her husband, she'd like him to know what kind of person John was before his stroke. "[John] was a guy for a long time before he was a patient. Did you know he lived in Bordeaux until he was eight? Or that he used to be a seismologist?" Treat did not know. Amanda informs Treat that her husband practically invented the early earthquake detection software for the entire state. Treat says that's amazing. Amanda agrees, and says that John was amazing. Amanda tells Treat that she needs him to know who he's trying to bring back. She sits Treat down and shows him a video of John singing karaoke to her. It's very sweet, but frankly, doesn't really tell us much about John other than that he liked earthquakes and was a pretty good singer. But, hey, writers: whatever blows your skirt up.

High school. Amy and Ephram are working on their applications. Ephram is acting all weird about his Colorado application, because Amy advised him to check "Undeclared" as his major. He says he never thought of himself as one of the clueless before. Amy snarks that most of them are actually highly-functioning members of society. Ephram: "Folding sweaters at mini-malls everywhere." Oh, bad move, Brown. Amy gets up and says she's bailing before their conversation turns into a full-blown fight. She tells Ephram to call her when he's done. That was pointless, and I need to know why I am so bored. Is it just me? Am I not drinking enough? Waiter! By which I mean, husband! Or, in a pinch, daughter!

And for the third time, we're back at Edna and Irv's. They're drinking champagne and discussing their awesome future together. Irv wants to go live in a villa off the coast of Greece. He says he can write all morning looking out on the Mediterranean, with no problem for the rest of the day bigger than whether to hit the black sand beach or the red. Edna: "And what am I supposed to do -- wiggle around in a bikini and mix margaritas?" Sounds good to me, Sarge. Edna, however, has other plans. She wants to join the Peace Corps, maybe swing by Namibia and visit Rinda. Irv can't believe Edna wants to spend their retirement building houses and helping sick kids. He says he saw them slowing down, not kicking it into high gear. Edna says she gots to keep movin'. Irv says he just wants to sit still, and he wants Edna to be there with him. He asks her to at least think about it. Edna says nothing, and sips her champagne. Aw. Trouble in retireeland already.

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