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Shoot The Moon

Cut to the high school, where Ephram is trying hoodwink his girlfriend. He says he has one more application to add to his list, somewhere Will recommended. Amy asks where it is, and Ephram tries to be all smooth: "I mean, I don't know. Somewhere in Jersey." He asks Amy what she thinks, and could she add one more to the list. Amy shrugs. "Jersey, huh? Guess I could apply to Princeton, keep the dad happy. Two birds, right?" Ephram says that'd be good. Amy starts to grin, and tells Ephram that he is so gonna crack. Ephram's like, "What are you talking about?" Amy: "He talked to you!" Ephram: "Wow, smart chick. Major downside." Hee. He tells Amy not to be mad, that Patch is just kind of heartbroken. Amy wonders if Ephram's doing this because of Patch, or because he's worried about their relationship. Ephram says it's just a lot of pressure for Amy to be giving up things for them, and he worries that things won't work out, and then she'll be stuck in some city with nothing to do but hate him. Amy says it took a long time for them to get where they are, and this is what she wants. She says she wants to stay in love, and if she is wrong, it's her mistake to make. "You don't get to protect me. I mean, you can try, but I'll just kick your ass. I don't need guarantees, Ephram, so you can worry all you want, but I'm betting on us." Oh, oh, oh. Cheesy, but AWESOME.

Edna and Irv's House of Sadness. Irv tells Edna that he doesn't like fighting. Edna doesn't, either. Irv says he doesn't like compromise, either, but he'll take it over fighting. He shows Edna a brochure about a place he found that has pretty beaches AND a Doctors Without Borders outpost. Edna tells Irv that she took her job back, and she's in for the long haul. Irv says that's not what they talked about. Edna: "I know. I gotta work, Harper." Irv doesn't understand why she can't take the show on the road. Edna says it doesn't work that way -- she didn't mean to, but she accidentally put down roots in Everwood. Irv says he came to Everwood for a weekend, and stayed five years longer than he intended. "I did that for you. It's been five years, Edna." Edna says it could be a lot more. Irv says he can try to keep his feet planted in Everwood for as long as possible, but he doesn't know how long that will be. Edna's voice breaks as she asks, "What happens when time runs out?" Irv just gets up, and says he'll put the brochure away. WAH! Ephram voice-overs, "The thing is, you never can tell when everything you counted on might fall apart, no matter how solid the rock."

Abbott House. Amy meets Patch on the stairs, and teases, "Nice try, Harold." Patch acts like he has no idea what she's talking about. Amy's like, "You had him, too! You tried, he tried, everybody tried. And you call me the difficult one. As a consolation prize, I've decided not to be mad at you for going to my boyfriend behind my back." Patch says he just wanted her to have the best. Amy tells her dad that he gets major points for good intentions, but his execution totally sucks. Rose walks in and listens to Patch tell Amy that it was just one more application. Amy pinches Patch's cheeks and says it's time to let it go, that everything's going to be okay. They hug, and Amy goes upstairs. Rose: "She didn't budge?" Patch: "She didn't even blink." Rose says Amy's in love. Patch wants to know how that's a comfort. Rose tells Patch not to worry: "I happen to know another Abbott who didn't apply to Princeton so he could be with a girl he fell in love with. He turned out just fine." She kisses him on the cheek, and says she's going up to bed. "Lose the pout, and join me soon." Man, all the grown-ups are getting play this episode.

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