Shoot The Moon

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Shoot The Moon

Cut to Ephram, writing an essay. He voice-overs, "Rocks break. Everything changes, even when you think you're sure. To be fair, if I were one of the Fates looking down at the best-laid plans of dumb little people, I'd probably see mine and want to mess with them, too." Treat interrupts, and tells Ephram he wanted to give him something. He tosses him a Colorado cap. Ephram says the gesture implies an apology, and Treat can skip the rest. Treat: "Humor me. I rehearsed." He says he's sorry he's been pushing. Ephram says he kind of "sprang" the news on him. Treat says he could have rolled with it better, and if at any time Ephram feels like he's giving up too much, they can talk about it. He says the truth is, when he closes his eyes and sees Ephram in four years, he sees him at Juilliard. Then he makes Ephram close his own eyes and say what he sees in four years. Ephram does, reluctantly, and says, "I'm playing. In Juilliard." Treat: "Then that's what we'll go for. That's where we'll get you." Ephram gets back to his essay. More voice-overing: "Want to know about me in five hundred words? I get scared sometimes, and disappointed. I don't like change, but I know it's good for me, and inevitable, so I welcome it as best I can. There's a poem by Johann Franc that says it better than I will. 'Defy the old dragon/defy fear/the world may rage and quake/but I shall remain singing/in perfect peace." Aw, Patch! We fade to Ephram, walking in the symbolic rain. He mails an envelope, which just happens to be Amy's application to Princeton. Fade back to Ephram playing piano in perfect peace. Forge to black.

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