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We open on a cabinet filled with Rinda's HIV meds, which she is counting into her med-minder. Delia's reflection in the bathroom mirror startles her, and she asks Delia if she needs the mirror or something. Delia asks, "Why do you take so many pills?" Rinda says, "I don't take so many pills." Delia tells Rinda that she's seen her take the pills all the time. "Are you sick?" Rinda takes Delia's hand and leads her to a window seat. They sit, and Rinda explains gently, "I have a disease. It's called HIV; have you ever heard of it?" Delia hasn't. Rinda says that HIV is a virus, and if you catch it, your body can't get better as well as it used to. She explains that she got it from a patient she was trying to help, but that there's nothing to worry about; she's fine. Delia: "I thought you were a druggie." Hee. Rinda laughs, and says she can barely drink wine. Lightweight. She tells Delia that if she has any questions, she or Treat will be able to answer them anytime, but that it's not something to talk about to other people. Delia assures Rinda that she's great with secrets, and she won't tell anyone. Rinda thanks her, and Delia gives her new sick mommy a great big hug. Rinda: "You never hugged me before." Delia: "I know. It was time." Aw. Treat calls Delia for the bus, leaving a concerned-looking Rinda alone. Credits.

Treat's office. A crotchety old man asks Treat, "You sure the cream'll work? I don't wanna spend my granddaughter's wedding scratchin' at my pits." Treat grins, and tells "Ollie" that he'll be itch-free in time to pick up his tux. Ollie leaves, and Treat calls to Edna to send in "Mrs. Hayes." He turns around, and Rinda is walking in. "You're not Mrs. Hayes. I can tell because you're not ninety and you don't have jaundice." Heh. Rinda tells him that she needs to talk to him for a minute. She tells Treat about her talk with Delia earlier that day. Treat gets all bent out of shape about it, asking her how she could do that. Rinda says that Delia asked her, and there didn't seem to be a better way to handle it. Treat reminds Rinda that they decided together that if the time came, Treat would be the one to tell his kids. Rinda's like, "Yeah, but you haven't." Treat seven-year-olds, "Well, it's not like you've told Bright and Amy!" Rinda says that Delia's old enough to notice things, and Delia asked, and she just couldn't hold it back anymore. Treat wants to know how Delia handled it; Rinda says she seemed comfortable with it, asked some questions, and acted like she understood. Treat says Delia can't be comfortable with it, because she doesn't even know what "it" is. He says maybe he can leave work early and talk to Delia, then worries that she's told someone. Rinda tells Treat to give her some credit, that she told Delia it was a secret, which Delia promised she'd keep. Rinda tells Treat that he can talk to Delia after school. Treat's all, "I certainly will!" Cool out, man. Rinda says, "Good, maybe you can fix all my mistakes!" Ow.

Abbott House. Amy, Bright, and Ephram, in that order, are watching TV on the couch. Mmm, Bright sandwich. Amy tells Bright to turn on something good. Ephram remarks that there's nothing good on. Bright says there's always something good on TV -- that's been his motto since he was a little kid, and he's sticking to it. He flips to a nature show. "See? Pandas!" Hee. Even Amy laughs. Ephram asks Bright to change the channel, since Madison used to have a stuffed panda. Amy says, "Don't complain. At least your ex isn't going into rehab. Again." Ephram: "I wish she was, at least then she couldn't date." Bright, in the middle on more than one level, says this is why he keeps all of his relationships to under one month. "No muss, no fuss." Amy finishes, "No depth." Bright tells them that the reason they both got dumped is because they're annoying whiners. Ephram suggests to Amy that they should take their sadness to the whole town, and call it "Dump Fest." Amy giggles. Bright: "Hmm. Sit here with the bitter twins, or free internet porn? 'Scuse me." He leaves them for nudier pastures.

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