Since You've Been Gone

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Since You've Been Gone

Oh, look, we start the episode in the worst place possible -- Amanda's house, where she and Treat are having an afternoon "date." It's apparently boring Treat, as he claims his last endoscopy was more entertaining. Know what you can do to remedy that, Treat? LEAVE. Treat does not, as we'd all hoped, run very fast out of there. Instead, he decides that he's hungry, and they should get something to eat. Amanda tells him to pick something from one of the take-out menus in her kitchen drawer. Treat pulls too enthusiastically, causing the drawer to fly out of the wall and spill its contents all over the floor. Amanda tells him that she hopes he's more graceful in the operating room, and adds, "Whatever you order, make sure it's fast. Charlie will be home from karate in two hours." Let us all take a moment to vomit. Treat goes looking for the Chinese food menu, which Amanda says is in the den. Amanda bends down to pick up the scattered menus, and finds a business card that's fallen out of the drawer. It reads, "Stephen Sharlet, Attorney, Family Law." As Treat calls from the other room that he can't find the menu he's hunting, Amanda has a flashback.

John, perfectly healthy and not resembling a stroke victim in any way, walks into the kitchen and asks Amanda what she'd like for dinner -- he thought he'd bring home something that night so she wouldn't have to cook. Amanda slides the lawyer's card she was just looking at into the menu drawer, and tells him nastily, "I don't know, John. Seeing as how it's eight-thirty in the morning, I'm not really that focused on dinner." John asks if they can pretend that "last night" didn't happen. Amanda says sure, and last week, and the last six months, if he wants. John's like, "Fine. Forget it, lady. Cook." He starts to walk out, but Amanda calls after him to pick up anything but Chinese, because she's turning into a dumpling. John softens, and suggests that they talk about it again over dinner. John's voice is hot. Poor John. Amanda flashes back to the present. Treat is babbling about food, and stops to asks if she's okay. She says she's fine, and gets up to call in the order. Credits.

High School. Amy, Hannah, Ephram, and Ephram's still-hideous hair walk to their lockers. A good-looking kid walks over and nervously greets Hannah. Hannah greets him, "Hey, Topher!" and Topher says he can't believe Hannah knows his name. Hannah says they have three classes together, of course she does. Topher stands there until he can't take it anymore, and launches into a clearly pre-rehearsed speech about the things he knows that Hannah likes and how he'd like to take her to a poetry reading or a movie or ice skating. Amy stands back and watches with amusement. Ephram finally catches on, and says, "Look, Amy, the Asian-African Alliance Club is having a meeting! Over here." Amy goes down the hall with Ephram to talk about how the Asians and Africans can be allies. Hee. Hannah is so, so embarrassed, but Topher saves her by saying she doesn't have to answer right away, it's an open offer. He is SO cute. Amy and Ephram run back over after Topher leaves, and start gushing immediately. Hannah thanks them for making that more awkward for her, and orders them to shut up and walk. Aw!

Treat calls Amanda from his office and tells her he has a brilliant idea. Amanda says it's not a brilliant idea if you have to say how brilliant it is. Treat says they should have dinner. Amanda: "That's not even a new idea." Heh. Treat clarifies that they should have dinner, together, with their children. He says they need to tell Delia and Charlie about their "friendship" before they find out on their own. Amanda, because she is just as stupid as Treat, thinks this a great idea, as long as they can do it at her house so she gets the home-court advantage. She inexplicably adds, just before they get off the phone, "Charlie really loves his dad." I wish these people would die.

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