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Denver. A pretty lady doctor takes Hannah into her office and explains to her that testing for Huntington's is an incredibly complex issue. Hannah just wants to take the damn test already. Lady Doctor tells Hannah that the results of the test -- whatever they may be -- can have a profound emotional impact. Hannah asks if she means survivors' guilt. Lady Doctor: "I see you've done some reading." Hannah: "I'm a big fan of Google." Aw. Lady Doctor says she can see that Hannah is serious about this, so they're going to start out with a series of preliminary exams, bloodwork, and a meeting with a social worker to make sure she's ready to handle the results. If, after all of this, they determine that Hannah is a good candidate, she can have the actual test. Good Lord. Hannah, who is clearly a very stubborn girl, is like, "So…not right now?" Lady Doctor says they can get started with a few questions for right now. Shut up, Lady Doctor.

Amy fidgets anxiously in the waiting room. She tells Patch that she was thinking about throwing Ephram a surprise party for getting the Juilliard audition. Patch says that sounds like a lovely idea. Amy rattles off a list of guests she wants to invite. Patch nods agreeably until Amy gets to, "And I was thinking about inviting Madison," at which point he tells Amy what an awful idea that would be, since she nearly, like, broke them up earlier in the year. Amy says that's exactly why she wanted to invite her -- Ephram obviously wanted to see her, and she can handle them having a relationship. "This whole 'Jealous Amy' thing is very 2004. Amy 2005, on the other hand? All about being a bigger person." Awesome. Amy goes on to say that she isn't really sure how to find Madison. Patch: "Perhaps it just isn't meant to be." Hee. Amy says she could probably track her down through her old bandmates or something. Patch says, now that he thinks about it, "Mr. Knight" down at the ECC Registrar's office is a patient, and he'd be happy to check with him. Amy's all, "You'd do that? Thanks, DAD!" Patch thinks to himself, "Of course I will…not, you dumb girl."

Blah blah blah Amanda on the phone with someone trying to help her divorce John. Treat walks in with groceries, and begins unloading them. Puke. Amanda gets off the phone and tells Treat all about her sad problems divorcing her vegetable of a husband, then asks, "Why are you putting peanut butter in the fridge?" Treat says that since she refrigerates English muffins, he thought that she'd refrigerate other things that didn't really need refrigeration. Amanda tells him what every human being ought to know, which is that peanut butter gets all hard and yucky when it's refrigerated, and also that he is pretty freaking retarded for being a neurosurgeon. All right, I added that last part. They start to kiss when the phone rings. Amanda says she'll let the machine get it, and when it picks up, a voice comes on the line claiming to be John's doctor. The voice says there's been a change in John's condition, and they want her at the clinic immediately. Treat and Amanda extricate themselves from one another, look appropriately freaked out, and we go to commercials.

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