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We come back to Amy complaining to Hannah about the lack of guests at Ephram's party. Jake, Nina, and Sam are going to be on a road trip, so they're out; Edna's motorcycle club is having their annual roast that night (HA!); and even Will Cleveland can't attend, as his dog is in a Best in Show competition. Hannah says it sounds like the plot of a bad indie film, and maybe they can get Zach Braff to direct it. Indeed. If I were a nastier girl, I would follow that up with something ridiculous, like, "Maybe we can get Zach Braff to direct it…in my PANTS." But I would never, even though…never mind, I totally would. Amy says she can't find Madison yet, either, so the only people attending Ephram's party are his family, her family, and Hannah. Amy tells Hannah that she obviously doesn't have to come if she's not feeling up to it, and asks if she'll have the test results by then. Hannah says she doesn't even know if they're going to let her take the stupid test by then, and this thing is turning out to be way more intricate than she thought. The girls end up in the kitchen, where Patch is fixing himself something to eat. He asks Hannah how it went with her social worker that day. Hannah says it was kind of intense, and she asked a lot of tough questions. Patch asks like what. Hannah specifies, "Oh, how I cope with difficult situations, what do I do in times of stress, do I have a support system, that kind of thing." Amy interrupts, "Yes, me, and I would consider you an excellent coper. I can write you a note if you want, like a doctor's daughter note." Patch says those questions, which seem quite simple, are actually very involved, and asks Hannah if she felt she was able to answer them honestly. Amy, again, interrupts, "Well, it's not like she's going to LIE, Dad," which statement elicits an extended -- and beautiful -- Patch eye-roll. Hannah says it was more like she didn't even know the answers herself, which kind of threw her. "The truth is, I don't know if I am an excellent coper. I know I'm a good avoider." You and me both, baby. Hannah says that, until recently, she hadn't even told anyone about her dad. Amy says that's only because Hannah didn't want people to feel sorry for her. Hannah counters that maybe that was just an excuse so she wouldn't have to deal. Patch agrees that that is certainly possible. Amy gives her dad a look, which Patch returns with one of his own. Amy, clearly exasperated with her stupid daddy, says they're going upstairs now. Hannah says to Patch, "You don't think I should take the test." Amy says Patch has no idea what he's talking about, and he can't possibly know what she's going through. Patch tells Hannah that it's no one's decision but her own. Hannah looks as though she wishes it were anyone's decision but her own, and sighs sadly.

Dun dun dun! The Clinic. John's doctor tells Amanda and Treat he's glad they could get there so quickly. Amanda asks if John's okay. The doctor says John is fine; better than fine, actually, and tells Amanda she is going to be astounded at the amount of progress that John has made over the past two weeks. He adds that they really all have Treat to thank, and tells Treat he hopes it's okay that a small Q & A has been set up, because at least fifty doctors want to pick his brain. Amanda is like, "Dude. Shut up and tell me what's going on." The doctor won't say anything, and asks if they wouldn't mind waiting. Amanda says she would, actually, and she didn't fly all the way to Oregon for him to be coy. Treat: "You said that there's been significant progress. How has it manifested itself?" The doctor says he really can't say. Lord, now we are all annoyed. Spit it out, man! Amanda asks why the hell not. The doctor responds, "Because he wanted to tell you himself." Oh. Huh.

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