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Back at the clinic, Amanda and Treat are finally led into John's room. Amanda says she doesn't understand; John looks exactly the same. John's doctor says to just give him a moment to find them, and tells John that there are people here to see him. John fixes his gaze on Amanda and smiles. Amanda can't believe it. She says tearfully, "He's smiling! Oh my God." Treat introduces himself to John, and the other doctor says he knows. To prove it, and (one can only hope) to make both of these idiots feel like shit, John's first unsteady words are, "Thank you, Dr. Brown." They stare in disbelief as we go to commercials.

When we return, Amanda is on the phone with John's parents, who are all excited. Amanda gets off the phone, and turns to find Treat standing creepily behind her. He asks her how she's doing. Fine, she says, just weird. She can't believe that's John in that room, and asks Treat if he thought this could happen. Treat says he didn't know, but that's the beauty of the human brain -- sometimes progress is slow and methodical, and sometimes it's like a light switch turning on. Amanda: "Click. Everything changes." On more than one level there, huh, Amanda? Treat says that, since Charlie will be there the next day, maybe he should get his own room. MAYBE? Amanda says that's a good idea. There's an awkward silence, and Treat asks again if Amanda's okay. Amanda says she's just…overwhelmed. And sad, probably, that the gig is up. Life is so hard, ain't it?

Some of that loud rap music that all the kids are listening to these days brings us into the next scene, which is in Bright's room. Rose appears in the doorway and stares holes into her son's back until he sees her and turns the music down. Bright tells his mom how sorry he is that she had to hear all that today. Rose doesn't give a shit: "How many girls have there been like that?" Bright's like, "Wait, what?" Rose says again, "How MANY." Rose is not playing around, people. Bright: "You want…my number?" Rose says she wants to know how many women he's treated that way. Bright tells Rose she has the wrong idea, and Jillian is just pissed off because he didn't, like, propose to her, so she pulls this crap. "I think it was kind of a bitch move, if you ask me," says Bright, immediately before his mother slaps him across his smug little face. Rose asks his son who he is, because she certainly doesn't know. "Did you see that girl's face in there? You hurt her, and you don't even feel bad about it." Bright tries to say he does, but Rose interrupts him: "No, you don't. You feel badly for yourself. You don't even know what it is you've done wrong." HA! Bright says he really doesn't, so Rose schools her dense-ass son: You don't treat people that way. You don't treat women as interchangeable objects. You don't sleep with someone you have no intention of calling. You don't have to be a romantic, but at least be honorable. Rose tells Bright that what he's doing isn't dating at all; it's morally bankrupt behavior, and furthermore, it's her fault. Bright tries to say it isn't, but Rose says she's always been taken with his charm and energy, and it never occurred to her that all these social graces were covering up something tragic. Bright tries to look unapologetic, but he is feeling it, baby, and he should be. Rose tells him that he looks at all the pictures in all his girlie magazines, then holds up real women to those unattainable standards. She says she's just sorry that she never took the time to teach him otherwise. Aw, Rose! Bright says he can change -- he can go into another department with a new attitude, and do better. Rose tells him he isn't going into ANY new department, because he is fired. Fired!

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