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Uh-oh. Jillian's house. Bright is there to apologize. Jillian doesn't want to have anything to do with it, but Bright says he just never thought about what she might be feeling, and that's not cool. "So. That's it. I suck, and I'm sorry." Aw. Jillian says she doesn't know what to say. Bright tells her she doesn't have to say anything, and bids her good luck. Jillian says, "You too," unbelievably, and Bright heads back down her walkway an obviously relieved -- and dare we say, changed? -- man.

Back at the Miracle Clinic, Treat and Amanda are talking in the lobby. Treat tells her that he has to go, and asks when she'll be back in Everwood. Amanda tells Treat that, duh, she's not coming back. "This isn't my choice anymore. This is my family. At least that's what I promised once upon a time." Treat says he understands. Amanda says she wishes she could say goodbye as eloquently as she wants to. She does a pretty good job with, "You brought my family back. But before that, you brought me back." Treat: "And you me." Aw. Now go away.

Hey, we're back at the surprise party! After the hug, Ephram asks Amy what's wrong with her. Amy says she's just stressed out about the party planning and everything. Ephram believes her, which is kind of sad. Elsewhere at the party, Bright finds Hannah, who is sitting on the stairs alone. Bright sees Hannah's sad face, and is like, "Oh no. You got the results." Hannah tells him that it was negative -- she doesn't have the gene. Yay! Bright gets all happy, and gives her a huge hug. He says they should celebrate, but Hannah asks if she can just be alone for a while. Bright says of course, and walks off cheering to himself. Bright! That's the man we love. Hannah walks outside, looks up at the sky, and smiles to herself. AWESOME.

Later at the party, Ephram finds Amy in the kitchen cleaning up. He thanks her for everything, and says he couldn't have done any of it without her. Amy looks on the verge of tears again. Ephram tells her that she has to come to New York with him next week for the audition. Amy says that's crazy. Ephram says it may be, but they're crazy, and they work on a crazy level, and asks her if she can think of one good reason not to come. Amy hesitates for a second, then says no, she sure can't. They kiss, and we fade out. This is going to be a disaster.

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