The Birds & The Batteries

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The Birds & The Batteries

Cut to Hannah's room, where she's just pulled a gigantic box of notebooks out from under her bed. They're her journals from over the years. Ephram asks if they're all full. Hannah says they are, and she also writes short stories, but most of those are on her computer. Hannah wonders if Ephram thinks she's a big weirdo. Ephram: "Only if those are from October." Heh. Hannah says they start from back in seventh grade, and even though she hasn't ever really had anyone to talk to, she's always had stuff to say. Ephram reminds Hannah that she's not going to have that problem anymore, because now she has him and Amy. He talks about what a good friend Amy is, and how he should know, because that's how they started out. Hannah suggests that Ephram start with what he just said in his addendum letter, and that she really doesn't mind helping. Ephram thinks he should probably try to do it by himself. Hannah says she understands, but acts like her feelings are a little bit hurt. Back up, Buttercup; it's not like he asked you for help in the first place.

Abbott House. Rose, who is fixing dinner, comments that she hopes Bright didn't already eat at "the restaurant." She adds, "He stuffs himself on those jalapeno poppers." I can certainly identify. Jalapeno poppers are delicious. Just then, Bright -- hotter than ever in a fitted black tee -- walks in and announces to his parents, "Ladies and gentlemen? You are looking at the latest Employee of the Month." Rose thinks it's wonderful. Patch stops just short of rolling his eyes. Bright wants them also to know that his name is on a plaque, and that employees get to eat for free, and that "Mikey" says he can pick up dinner shifts from now on whenever he wants. The benefits, Bright adds, are endless. Patch buzzkills, "Really. And will you be getting health and dental?" Bright's smile fades immediately, but he calls Patch's bluff: "No, not benefits benefits. Anyway." Bright says he's got to go call his friend Fordo so he can gloat about the awesome tips he pulled down that night. He calls back, "Next stop? Employee of the Year! Boo-yah!"

As soon as Bright's out of earshot, Patch lets Rose in on his real feelings, as if they weren't obvious enough already. Rose tells him to stop it, and be glad that Bright is doing so well and the restaurant likes him so much. Patch is all, "They love him. Didn't you hear? Mikey is giving him dinner shifts. Boo-yah!" Someone in the forums said that Patch needs to be required to say "boo-yah" in every single episode from here on out, and I wholeheartedly agree. Get on that ASAP, Berlanti. Rose, again, tells Patch to shut it, and let Bright be happy for now. Patch says that Bright is too happy, and that's the trouble -- if the plaque on the wall is all the validation he needs, he might not ever pursue something more. Rose thinks Patch is on the bad crack, but lets it slide.

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