The Day Is Done

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The Day Is Done

Fade up on a New York building. Irv tells us, "Dreams are a world turned upside down -- gravity, logic, time rendered meaningless. The world of dreams is not our world, although in the dead of night it tempts and deceives, daring us to know the difference. This is what makes dreams so dangerous." A beardless Treat walks into a restaurant and heads to his "usual table." Delia, Ephram, and Sue Ellen Mishkie are all there, laughing it up. They look over at Treat, and he wakes up.

Treat gets up and finds Ephram burning CDs for his "Summer of Freedom Mix 2004." Allison, in whose house I am recapping, and who is very mad about it, and who is sitting next to me, would like to say that the people of Everwood are ripping off her Summer of Fun idea, and they will not be receiving any prizes for this. Treat tells Ephram he had a weird dream. Ephram says when he used to have bad dreams, Sue Ellen would fix him an ice cream sundae. Treat says he doesn't remember that. Ephram gives his dad a look. Treat: "I know. Go figure." Treat says he's going to try to go back to bed. Ephram stops his dad, and tells him, "Hey, Dad? They're just dreams. That's what Mom used to say." Sigh. Do these dreams go on when he closes his eyes? Treat goes back to bed. Ephram goes back to burning. Credits.

Dinner at the Abbott House. Patch walks in with a grocery bag, and launches into a story about Moisha Rodriguez, who created a bagel empire from nothing, because he had a dream. Bright tells Amy to quit hogging the potatoes. Patch's family does not care about Moisha's dream. Patch doesn't care that they don't care; he keeps on talking about bagels and empires. Rose asks him what this is all about. Patch says, "Do you know far I had to drive to get this particular bagel? Fifty-two miles." Amy tells her dad that they can get frozen bagels at the grocery store. Patch tells Amy that that is the point, and makes her taste the bagel. She's all, "Eh. Good." Patch is all, "See? SEE?! You can't get quality like that in the frozen foods section!" He then continues, "Of course, mine will be better." Patch tells his family that he has just purchased an old donut shop in downtown Everwood, which he is going to turn into the best bagel shop EVER. Rose's head explodes. Bright grabs a bagel from his dad and tells him it's a bold move, and he likes it. Rose grows another head, only to have this one explode as well. She asks Patch what the hell gave him the idea he could run a successful bagel shop. Patch says he's done much careful research, and it's going to be AWESOME. Bright says bagels look so much like donuts that half the people in Everwood won't even know the difference. Patch tells Rose he would think she'd support him more, since opening a bagel shop has always been his dream. Rose: "Since WHEN?" Patch says the bagels are going to help him become a multimillionaire before the age of sixty. Patch runs into the kitchen, yelling, "You'll see! We have any cream cheese?" Bright says, "Dad has gone mad-crazy, dude. I like it." Amy giggles and agrees. Rose sits down, with no head.

Cut to Ephram, practicing piano. The doorbell rings. It's Amy Abbott, who greets Ephram with, "So my dad's opening a bagel shop. And I don't think you should go to New York." Allison would like to say that if Amy Abbott came to her house and said, "I don't think you should go to New York," she would reply, "Go where?" and it would never be spoken of again. Amy tries to make the connection between bagels and going to New York, and asks Ephram if he understands. Ephram: "No." Amy says her dad is doing this crazy thing because he's got nothing to lose at this point, and she's thinking that maybe it's the same thing with them. Amy's shirt is super-cute. Ephram still does not understand what is going on, because no one does. Amy is rambling about being crazy and taking chances and that the summer would be the perfect time for their beautiful romance to blossom without worrying about the pressure of school, and the point is, she doesn't want him to go to New York. Ephram says that sounds like a perfect plan, except for Juilliard. Amy says Treat's a millionaire, and he won't be upset if he loses the money he's paid for Juilliard. First of all, that is RIDICULOUS. Secondly, what do you know about Treat's money, Amy Abbott? She says she knows this is crazy; Ephram asks her why she's doing it, then. Amy says that things are really "coming to a head" -- heh heh -- right now, and there's all this energy surrounding them, and eight weeks is such a really, really long time! In the high-school-girl to normal-adult ratio, eight weeks is, like, sixty billion YEARS. Ephram says he gets it, but it's not enough. Allison would like to say that it would be enough for her. Amy gives Ephram the Manson Lamps of Sadness, as he explains how important it is for him to go to New York. He says he can show her brochures about how awesome this program is, and it's going to make him a one-thousand-percent better pianist. Amy says she was just being stupid, and can't believe she asked. Aw. She says if he ever wants to show her the brochures, she's around. She walks out. Ephram calls after her, but she's taken off. Allison would like to say that in Ephram's mind, he's thinking, "This is why I was banging a college girl."

Treat's Office. Treat asks the moose head on his wall why his coffee isn't ready. He turns around, and there stands Bucky. Treat is surprised, but asks her how she is, and says he was just berating his moose. Madison says she's good, but was just checking on them. She says she misses "them," and Treat grins. He tells her that Delia's doing great, and excited about camp, now that the perfect bathing suits have been bought. Also, that she has taught the new babysitter all about the fine art of Beefaroni molding. Hee. Madison is very happy that Delia is doing well. Treat tells Madison that, of course, no one can replace the babysitter that slept with his other child. Treat tells Madison about Ephram and his summer program. Madison is excited for him, and not even in the bad way. She tells Treat that she's sorry she barged in, but just wanted to see if everyone was okay. Treat gives her a look, and asks her if she's sure everything is all right. Madison hesitates for a minute, then admits that she might need Treat's help. Treat asks what's wrong. Madison says she's late. Treat asks, "Is that unusual for you?" Madison says it is. She says she took a home test. Treat asks what it said. Madison's look gives him his answer. She says she wanted to make sure, so she came to him, and if that was wrong, she's sorry. Treat does not grin here. Madison says she wants to tell Ephram. Treat says he thought they were doing it, but wasn't sure. Well, you know now, Treat. He says he'd hoped they were being careful. Madison: "We were." Treat says he has pregnancy tests at the office, and they can find out in a few minutes, but first he needs to know something from her. Madison: "There was no one else." Treat nods. Commercials.

We come back to Abbott's Bagel Shoppe. One of Patch's former patients is dressed in a bagel costume. It's funny. He tells Patch that his sign is spelled wrong. Patch says it's supposed to be that way, and just to be ready to hand out samples. Patch is wearing a giant floppy chef's hat, and it is a beautiful thing. Bagel Man says he doesn't know what kind of bagel he's supposed to be. Patch tells him he's garlic, and to get the hell out. Patch admonishes Louise for forgetting caraway on the everything bagels. Allison would like to know how they opened this bagel shop(pe) in one day. Oh! There's a bagel clock! Excellent. Patch says it's time to open, and establish their franchise. He opens the door to the small crowd waiting outside. The first customers come in as Patch informs them that their bagels were prepared by trained medical professionals. Hee. Old Mr. Jensen is his first custom

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