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"You've gotta really rub a piece of coal to make a diamond"
That's not a good answer. I just gave you a hint at one! I knew that one! Well, they're very happy, and they do deserve each other, because they're two of the nicest people ever. I would like to know this, too, for my own personal use: is Emily VanCamp as devastating in person as she is on the show? You mean in terms of beauty? Absolutely. She's elegant, she's her own person, she's got her own opinions and beliefs, and she's everything you imagine. I will tell you, in terms of gossip, that I could tell the flirtation was already happening between the two of them in the pilot, and she was quite young then and Chris was...not. So there's your gossip. As far as I was concerned, there were sparks flying then, and for fear that anyone would get arrested I was praying that wouldn't happen until everyone was legal. Was Gregory aware of my love for him? [laughs] You were not alone in your jailbait affections. You know, I'm as old as you are, almost, and that was kind of a gross feeling that I had to have. Well, first of all...we create this character who basically just actualizes all the feelings that everyone out there has, and she's the one everybody hates the most! We were just all jealous. I'm glad you're finally admitting that. Don't tell anyone I just said that. Gregory just fits that role, the kind of guy all women want to sleep with and take care of at the same time. So we're done with Everwood questions, unless you want to talk about the guest stars? James Earl Jones, Marcia Cross... Betty White! Betty White! What do you do with Betty White? You don't do anything with Betty White. I mean, with all of those people, you just sit back and let them be. All our guest stars were just amazing. Mike Erwin as Colin; Nancy Everhard, who is Tom Amandes's wife in real life...those kind of roles made those characters so real. Let's talk about the fans. Was it surprising to you that the fan reaction was so huge? You mean at the end, or throughout? Well, throughout, but I guess specifically at the end, because a lot of them did come out of the woodwork after the show got cancelled. It was intense. What I compare it to is the line on Star Wars, where Obi-Wan says to Darth Vader, "If you strike me down now, Lord Vader, I will become stronger than you can possibly imagine." Heh. The cancellation, and the fans' affection for the show, and certain critics' affection for the show that sort of rose to the surface really are just adding a halo effect and a great legacy to the show, which, again...we kind of deserve. Everyone kind of killed themselves to do a TV show for four years that was so different than a lot of what else was on TV, knowing the whole time that it wouldn't ever get us the kind of ratings that would have made all of our lives easier, but we did it because...once we figured out what the best version of Everwood was, we just wanted to figure out as many ways to do that every week that we could. And we didn't get the covers of magazines, and we didn't get the ratings, but in the end, we were ultimately okay with just doing it for the fans. They stuck by the show, so it doesn't necessarily surprise me, because I know the kind of TV it is, and it's hard

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