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"You've gotta really rub a piece of coal to make a diamond"
for me to find that kind of TV almost anywhere else. To have that kind of response -- it wasn't just great to have it, it was also kind of our only reward. So you've seen the online response, with the saving and the fundraisers and the Ferris wheel and all that. Of course, I've seen all the different things they're doing, and I love all of that. I wish they would focus it on getting the DVDs out, because I really think part of our legacy is to have people out there passing around those DVDs, so that people can experience the show more than on just ABC Family in the fall, you know? What do we have to do to make that happen? Warner Home Video. People have to call and write letters to them, and that's where they have to focus their attention. Because...they can focus it on the CW or whatever, but those people didn't really have anything to do with it. You could make the argument that they cancelled the show, but they didn't -- they just didn't choose it to be a part of their new network. It's a very different group of people, and it's not the same as the people who were supposed to be there protecting us through the years. So you are not angry at Dawn Ostroff? I am not. I had lunch with Dawn, we had a great lunch, and I'm a fan of hers. I think she's tried to put on good TV, and she's not the only one making the decision to bring Everwood back or not. So she's just the name that people use for blaming? I guess, and that's fine that they're picking [on] her -- I kind of wish they wouldn't do that, but what I do love about the response is that it's sustained, and it's helped put the show onto the cult shelf, which is a great place for a show to be. But it's done. So to sit around and be upset with people about why it's done or how it's done is not as much fun as reminiscing about what was great about it. Right. You've moved on. But I know you were mad at first. I was much more upset by the way that Everwood was handled in the last year. When Everwood was moved to Thursday nights and then it was moved back to Monday...if people want to be mad, be mad at the executives that made those decisions, which I think were just asinine. They want to be upset and make t-shirts -- find those executives and put them on the shirts. Okay, one more question about Everwood. Why'd you get rid of the narration [by Irv]? Rina hated it! But she wasn't alone -- the network executives asked her to, and she asked me if she could, and I was okay with that. It wasn't our most accessible device on the show, we didn't always do it great...we did it better than a lot of other shows, but initially the show was more sort of about the town, and so it worked to centralize the show, and it was supposed to feel like each episode was a chapter ripped out of a book.

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