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"You've gotta really rub a piece of coal to make a diamond"
Did you think about doing one last narration? We did, particularly in the episode where Irv died and there was so much emotion, but in the end...you'd have to ask Rina about that. Again, though, there were certain critics that came around to the show when we lost the narration, so...I kind of go back and forth about it. There were a lot of great episodes we did where we wouldn't use it, where we would think the narration was sort of gilding the lily, and then there were moments in other episodes that only worked because of it. See, you're seeing my process now. Do you want to talk about that a little bit, your process and how you get ideas and get things done? Sure. I read a lot, and...steal...all the time. [laughs] No. If you ever talk to anybody I know, I'm a different person in the morning than I am in the afternoon. In the morning, I wake up really early and write usually between the hours of, like, six and ten. That's when I do most of my creative stuff. By twelve o'clock, you'd think I was the village idiot. Literally, some part of my brain shifts over and I became more of a manager and editor. So that was when I would go in and help people with scripts, or do casting, meetings with networks, that kind of stuff. And then by about three o'clock I was usually so tired I'd say I was "reading a script" or "doing notes." And that meant I was taking a nap. I'd have my little Oprah naps every day that happened to fall around the same time Oprah was on, and I'd watch Oprah and/or nap. Then I'd go work out and to dinner or something, and write at night again. My creative times are when the world is quiet, you know? I definitely had my little rituals -- I'd listen to the same CD over and over again, drink a ton of coffee, clean my whole house, get everything done that I could possibly get done...and finally come back to the page and work on it. Aw. Are you a procrastinator? I think every writer is a...I really...uh, YES. Absolutely. I feel you, as does Sars, who receives every recap about one minute before deadline each week. Exactly! And you always say, that one day when I have the time to reaaaally do it right, it's gonna be so good! And then you still don't do it. My trick with the writers is, I would always tell them they had to hand in a script a few days earlier than I knew they'd have to, then on that day I'd say, "Oh, take another day or two," knowing they'd killed themselves and hadn't slept the night before. I probably shouldn't be revealing this.

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