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"You've gotta really rub a piece of coal to make a diamond"
Then you look like the nice boss. Right. So what's next for you? Well, my deal is at Touchstone now, and I'm doing two things this year as well as overseeing a lot of people writing scripts, helping writers with ideas and stuff. The first thing I'm doing is a very kind of character law show that I've been calling "Field of Dreams at a law firm." So if you like Field of Dreams and that kind of magical quality, it's like that, but it happens at a law firm. I'm co-writing it with a guy who was a writer on Jack & Bobby who is also an actual lawyer, and he loves law shows like I love character shows. It's the thing I'm most emotionally close to since Everwood, and I feel like I personally identify with all the characters and with what we're trying to say. It has a lot of the Everwoodian qualities of not being afraid to be heartfelt and very funny at the same time. I also wrote a half-hour show -- I had written a movie a couple of years ago called The Broken Hearts Club, which was about a whole group of gay guys in West Hollywood, and I wanted to remind myself that I could write something that was just funny...or at least funny in my eyes. It's kind of a family, Wonder Years-y, Malcolm kind of thing. So we'll see. I can't wait. I hope they both happen for you. You never know! Well, I think that's it for the questions I have, so if you don't mind, I have some questions from the forums. Go for it. Okay. Tell us your real feelings about 7th Heaven. Well, first of all, everybody I've ever met who's worked on the show is darling. And it helped build the network that built my career, so I really can't begrudge a show that helped launch a network that launched me. The other thing is that TV is about all shapes and sizes, and I'm a fan of any show that parents and kids can watch together -- you know, people get so isolated in their homes, and anything that's gonna get them to sit in front of a screen together is good. I think they tried to take on, in their own way, some daring topics, so...I'm a supporter of the show across the board. Uh huh. Good answer. All right: Death match. Patch vs. Treat. Why are you doing this to me? I don't think I can answer that question! You have to answer. Okay. One of the writers used to say that he always fought dirty as a kid because he knew he wouldn't last long, and I think Patch would probably fit into that mold as someone who would fight dirty and fast,

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