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"You've gotta really rub a piece of coal to make a diamond"
Well, we're the same age, pretty much, so we grew up with all the same shows. Yeah, I think we were like the first generation to be raised by television. So you felt like those characters were part of your family. When I got into college, it was Picket Fences, and then I moved out here and it was Ally McBeal, and The Practice, so those were kind of my shows of choice. And then, definitely lately...it's all over the map. I'll watch everything from all the Sunday morning Meet the Press and George Stephanopoulos, and Charlie Rose all week, and I also love, like, Laguna Beach. Battlestar Galactica I think is the best-written show on television right now -- they do more in an hour on that show than most shows that get more acclaim do in three or four episodes. They'll just jam-pack the story, and it's intelligent, it's entertaining, it's not afraid to be religious. I think a lot of shows right now are afraid to be spiritual or religious, so I've really kind of fallen in love with that. But I love Deadwood, too, and like everybody else, I dig The Sopranos. Let's see, what else? I do watch some reality, like I mentioned, Laguna Beach, and I just started watching The Hills -- those shows crack me up. Have you gotten into any of the big ones, like Lost, or House, or Grey's Anatomy? I love Grey's. I think Grey's does really well what we were trying to do on Everwood, you know, not be afraid to sort of try and be emotional and intelligent at the same time. I feel that show fills a void in terms of being emotional television, and it's got a great cast. Oh, also, the last year of The West Wing, which...it's hard to find a new way to make a show when the creator has left, but they did a great job. [I tell Greg about Aaron Sorkin's infamous TWoP postings, and more recently, the Rescue Me hoo-ha.] So I wanted to ask you what you thought about that, about trying to respond to the decisions that you've made about your story.

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