The Last Of Summer

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Farewell, Coma Boy. Helloooo, Jailbait Boyfriend.

Man, summer went fast. I can't believe I moved, sold a house, found a job, found a new house, bought it, moved twice, and survived living with my parents and in-laws. Where did the time go?

Previously on Everwood: Treat cliffhangers us.

We open on some sort of club pool setting. Screaming kids splash around. People sit in lounge chairs and read books. Amy serves cocktails to her parents and grandparents. Treat and Ephram (and I don't want to imply that I like him or anything, but let's just say that summer didn't do that boy wrong) joyfully play ping-pong. Amy giggles. Because she's so happy, see? Delia runs around the pool in her swimsuit and pushes...Colin. He's alive! Johnny Five -- Alive! Except, not. As we'll soon see. Colin tells Delia to slow down, because there's no running by the pool. Bright climbs down from his lifeguard stand and says, "Unless of course someone's chasin' ya!" He and Colin chase a gleeful Delia around the pool, until they're stopped by their boss, who tells them to get back to work. Cut to Amy. Smiling. Is she happy? I think she's happy! Colin asks her if they're still "on for tonight." Amy dorks that school starts the next day. Colin tells her just to meet him under the diving board after the club closes. Amy says that junior year is the HARDEST YEAR EVER! Colin tells her to chill, that "you're even smarter than you are pretty. You're going to have a perfect year." Aw. Oops. Feisty Nurse Edna tells Amy to get her another Mai Tai, heavy on the "Tai." They all smile. Colin kisses Amy and tells her he'll see her at eleven under the diving board. Amy's happy. Did I mention she's happy? Colin tells her, "Don't be late." He backs away from her, smiling, and fades away. Poor Colin. Being dead sucks.

Cut to Amy, not happy, at a memorial service for Colin in the school auditorium. Some kid is speaking at a podium, talking about how great Colin was. Amy sits on the stage, awaiting her turn. All of our favorite Everwoodsians are sad. Mommy Hart looks like who'da thought it. Amy looks like she might vomit.

Oh, Irv. How I've missed you! "It's hard to say what happened exactly. For the most part it depends on who you ask. There are as many sides to a story as there are pairs of eyes. It's always been that way; one of those sides must be closer to the truth, but we'll never know which one."

The kid sits down. Sad Strings of Dead Boyfriends play as Amy stands up for her turn. Emily VanCamp is acting the shit out of this, though. She hesitates, then breathes deeply and starts softly, "Tomorrow's closing day at the Everwood Pool. Every year Mr. McAbee throws a luau. I never really thought much about it, but that's what I was doing just now...imagining Colin there. I was imagining what he would do..." At this point, Treat and Delia walk into the auditorium. Irv says, "I try even now to look back at that time, look past the blame and outrage that made it all so hard to see anything. I try to piece it together." Amy sees Treat. Their eyes meet, and Treat's sadness is clear and unbearable. Amy just looks pissed. Irv tells us, "What follows...is all I know." Chills, and credits.

Aw, man! They changed the song. I hated it so much last year that I grew to love it, and now they've gone and turned it into "Everwood Theme Song: Dance Party Remix." This behavior ain't cute, Berlanti.

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