The Perfect Day

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The Perfect Day

Hartman/Abbott Office. Edna is bitching at Patch to sign something he forgot about. Dimples pulls on his coat and says he's out of there. Edna can't believe he's leaving her with Patch. Dimples: "It'll be good for you, Edna! Quality time with your kids is hard to come by." Edna retorts, "Not if you don't want it." Dimples tells Edna that she is "a doodle," the hilarity of which I cannot even describe to you without doing it some sort of injustice. Whoever wrote Dimples this week, I salute you. After he leaves, Patch and Edna bicker for a while about nothing in particular. Patch tells his mother that as soon as he is done with Mrs. Ewing and her psoriasis, he is out of there. Oh, but you aren't, are you, Patch? Just then a mother walks in with her very green-looking son. "Jackson" went to a birthday party, and now he has a stomachache. Dear Parents of the World: STOP NAMING YOUR CHILDREN JACKSON. It's not cute, it's not a family name, and you are not fooling anyone. Thank you. Moving on. Patch leans over and asks Jackson what seems to be the trouble. Jackson answers by sicking all over Patch's shoes. When a huge crowd of parents and sick children start streaming into the office, Patch and Edna are informed that it was kind of a big party. Fun!

Now it is my turn to be sick. Treat and Amanda are at a spa, in matching robes, slippers, and googly eyes. Amanda is telling Treat about some vacation she wants to take in a tiny Vermont town called Manchester. Treat is nodding along about how great it would be until Amanda tells him she's made them a reservation for the next weekend. Treat isn't so sure about this -- it's a big step; and besides, what about the children? Yes, MOMMY. What about the children? Treat continues to balk, and Amanda pouts. Treat asks what the problem is, and Amanda says she just wants more. Shut up, Amanda. Commercials.

Amy, Ephram, Hannah, and Bright walk on the railroad tracks and throw snow around at each other. Ephram mentions that going to a bar and playing pool would be fun, which Amy takes as the perfect opportunity to get in a dig about going to see Madison play. Ephram says it wasn't a bar, it was a coffeehouse, and she wasn't even there. Hannah says they're giving her a migraine. Bright amens, and says truancy is serious business, which they are failing miserably at. Ephram says he hasn't seen Bright come up with anything better than rabbit hunting. Bright: "Don't knock gunplay. And I've also come up with poker, whirly-ball…Polar Bear?" Heh. Amy says she's not jumping into a frozen lake. Bright says that's fine, but he only has two hours left before he has to pick up Jillian. Hannah suddenly suggests they go ice fishing. Bright says he likes that idea. Hannah says she and her dad used to go when she was little, in Minnesota, and it was awesome. Bright asks how long her parents have been in China. Ephram, always up with the Asians, corrects, "Hong Kong." Hannah blurts, "They're not in Hong Kong. They're still in Minnesota. My dad's sick." Amy, who knows exactly what is happening, chides softly, "Hannah." There is no turning back now, though -- Hannah tells Ephram and Bright the sad Huntington's disease story. She says it's a brain disease, so it takes a long time to…you know. Oh, well, here come the motherfucking tears. Hannah goes on, "I've been writing to him ever since I got here, every week. He can't read any of them, but it makes me feel better somehow." Ephram asks why she didn't tell them before. Hannah says she just didn't want to bum everyone out. Bright gives the most heartbreaking little head shake and walks over to hug Hannah. "I'm so sorry." Hannah breaks away and runs off. Amy follows her, leaving the boys to stand there and feel weird.

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