The Perfect Day

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The Perfect Day

Nina's house. Dimples walks in and tells Nina that whatever she's cooking smells amazing. Nina says it's just soup. Dimples sees that Nina's not into it, and apologizes, saying he should have called first. Nina says he's fine, she's fine, everything's fine. Except we all know that it ain't. Dimples asks her if it's about what happened with Treat that morning, and if she wants to talk about it. "Ugh. Well, I can't. Believe me, you don't want to know. I don't even want to know." Dimples reminds Nina that good fences make good neighbors. Nina says there's not a fence in the world high enough to keep Treat away, especially not when he wants to judge you, or run your life. "But when it comes to him? It's all different." Dimples, who is as smart as he is cute, which is A LOT, gets a look of recognition on his face. "It's him, isn't it? The high school guy, the guy you had feelings for. Why didn't you tell me?" Nina says there's nothing to tell. Dimples says he definitely wouldn't have called that one. Nina asks why that is, and Dimples says surgeons are all ego. "I wouldn't think you'd go for someone like that." Nina says pointedly, "I didn't." Dimples says maybe he should go, and Nina apologizes immediately. Heh. She doesn't mean to take all this out on him, but she just hates that she can't go over there and apologize like normal people do. Dimples tells Nina that whatever it is that's bugging her, she has to go talk to Treat about it -- apology or no apology, it's unhealthy to hold it in. "And more importantly," he adds, wrapping his arms around her from behind, "it's seriously messing with my Nina-time." Aw! Nina says the soup's getting close, if we know what she means, and I am certain that we do. Dimples asks, "So…this world-famous neurosurgeon who lives just steps from your front door. Should I be worried?" Nina says not unless he's the kind of guy who's always putting himself first. Dimples assures Nina that he is a giver, and to prove it, he gives her a big old kiss.

Back at the Snowy Fun Dead Daddy Party, the time stamp tells us that it's 4:43 PM. Amy bangs on the door of the restroom Hannah has found to hide in. Hannah yells at Amy to go away, she's fine. Amy says she can hear Hannah crying, and she's not going away until Hannah lets her in. The door slams open, and Amy walks in. Amy: "My God, this place is disgusting." Hannah: "Try not to touch anything." Heh. Amy asks Hannah if she's okay. Hannah says of course she's not okay -- she's a horrible, evil, sick person who doesn't deserve to be loved, and she can't believe Amy can even stand to look at her. Amy says Hannah didn't do anything but tell the truth. Hannah: "Yes, but for all the wrong reasons! I just played the tragedy card, and it was totally manipulative, and I hate myself." Guess what, Hannah? I hate you too, for making me cry YET AGAIN. Amy tells Hannah that nobody knows why she said it. Hannah says the only reason she did was because she wanted Bright to like her. Oh! So sad. Amy says Bright isn't even capable of being manipulated -- he just does what he wants anyway(s). Hannah, who is wearing a super-cute white coat and argyle-ish hat/scarf combo for those of you interested in that kind of thing, says she hates that Bright will never look at her the way he looks at all of those other girls, so she feels like she has to find some other way in. "But this? This was so wrong! I feel like I should just go to church and, like, just throw down some Hail Marys or something." Amy laughs and says she'll pitch that idea to the boys. She takes Hannah's hands and tells her how much cooler she is than all those other girls, and that jealousy is a complete waste of time and energy. Hannah: "Oh, really. So you never feel jealous of Madison?" Amy says it's different; Madison is an ex. Hannah says it actually is different, since Amy has nothing to be jealous about -- since Ephram is her boyfriend, and also, totally in love with her. Amy: "Yeah, that's why we spent half the day fighting." Hannah sighs, and tells Amy no offense, but she is like fifty percent of the problem when it comes to that. Amy sputters, "Buh! Hannah, even if that's true, you're not supposed to say it!" Hee. Hannah ignores this, and advises Amy that she is going to really have to forgive Ephram, because this whole passive-aggressive thing she's doing is going to break them up for real. Amy's like, "I thought I came in here to help YOU." Hannah, who is so damn cool, replies, "And then I turned it around. I'm tricky like that." Hugs all 'round!

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