Unfinished Business

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Unfinished Business

Cut to the courtroom. The judge announces that the court has made its decision in the matter of Feeny vs. Feeny -- it is in the best interest of the child that Margaret Nina Feeny be designated primary care parent. Oh, like it was going to go down any other way. And...court is adjourned. Treat hugs Nina, and everyone leaves. Nina finds Shutup Carl, and he congratulates her on her win. Nina tells him, "I never wanted this fight to begin with." She tells him that they don't have to argue anymore, or even talk, if that's what he wants. Shutup Carl says he just wanted to be with Sam. And other men. Shutup Carl tells Nina that he thought he was doing the right thing, then he got so happy when he thought he would win, that he didn't even think about what she or Sam must have gone through the night of the accident. He says he realized he was doing this for all the wrong reasons, and he just missed his son. "Tell Sam I'm happy for him." Nina: "Tell him yourself. You have him this weekend." Heh.

Brown House. Someone pounds on the door. Treat opens it, and Patch busts right on in. Patch launches into his spiel, asking Treat what the hell he was thinking, giving Amy birth control pills. Treat says that Amy came to him, they discussed it, and he couldn't just send her away. Patch says that's exactly what he should have done. Treat says that if he'd done that, Amy would have just gone to someone else. Patch wants to know how Treat couldn't come to him. Treat says that Amy specifically asked him not to tell Patch. Patch: "She wouldn't have come to you in the first place if she didn't think she was doing something wrong." Treat maintains that Amy made a responsible decision, and thought it through carefully, and that at Amy's age, she merits confidentiality. Patch is all, "Spare me the bullshit. I know the law. You should have come to me as your friend. I may not have always liked you, but I respected what you were. I admired the doctor enough that I could forgive the man. Not anymore." He tells Treat to stay away from his family, and from him. As Patch walks out the door, he finishes, "And if I don't make myself clear, I encourage you to test me." Damn. I told you Treat was in trouble. It's very sad that my favorite boyfriends broke up, though.

Downtown. Ephram runs into Amy as he's leaving a restaurant. He asks Amy if she's going for a walk. She asks him to walk with her for a little while. They talk about her life, how things are at home. Amy offers Ephram a dollar to sit with her at lunch. Ephram: "Deal." Amy: "You're supposed to say it's free." Aw. Ephram says he knows a good deal when he sees one. Amy asks Ephram why he's sad. He tells her that he and Madison broke up. He admits that he lied when he told her everything was fine the other day. "Don't ask me why." Amy: "Why?" God, they're so cute. It's killing me. Ephram says he thought if he pretended everything was great, it might actually be great. Amy says Madison must not have been that perfect if she was dumb enough to let him go. Ephram smiles at her, and they keep walking. Sweet strummy la-la plays as they walk, and we fade out.

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