Unfinished Business

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Unfinished Business
y," for God's sack. Madison says she's not breaking up with him, and that they'd be pretty pathetic if they just bailed at the first sign of trouble. "First"? Madison says that she thinks their relationship is worth saving, and she'd like to try to do that. Ephram agrees. They kiss. Madison reminds Ephram that her birthday is coming up. The end. Commercials.

High School. Amy is going back to dance class? Eyebrows should overdose more often. Like, every day until we get the good Amy back. A group of Amy's "friends" are talking about their big party plans for the weekend. Amy tentatively asks them where they're going. She tells her old best friend Paige hi, which Paige pointedly ignores. Nice. Another girl tells Amy that they're going to a new drive-in diner. Amy says she heard about it, and asks if everyone is going, that it sounds like fun. Paige: "What are you doing here?" Cram it, Paige. Amy says she was thinking about joining the class again, but she doesn't know how Mrs. Baxworth will feel about it. Paige: "We heard you, like, ODed, and had to go to the emergency room and get your stomach pumped. That is SO gross." Eat shit and die, Paige. Amy says that didn't happen, and jokes that she doesn't even have any track marks. Other Girl asks Amy if she's really going out with Eyebrows, and Amy says they broke up. Paige: "Are we supposed to be sad for you?" Shut the fuck UP, Paige. ["And stop letting your mom cut your hair." -- Sars] Amy says she was just telling them. Brenda Baxworth bustles in and gets all excited over Amy being back in dance class: "Welcome back, sweetie! Don't know where you've been, but it must have treated you well, you're skinny as a twig!" What is WRONG with these people? Mrs. Baxworth tells the girls to start with barre exercises. All the girls run over to the other side of the room, leaving Amy at a barre by herself. Douchebags.

Courtroom. Nina's custody battle. Shutup Carl is on the stand, telling his coming-out story and...somehow relating this to the reasons he should have sole custody of Sam. He tells the court how he's rolling in the dough, and can now afford to give Sam everything he ever needs, including an extra dose of tranquilizers any time he wants. Ha! Shutup Carl's lawyer is totally Mr. Morgan from Seinfeld, the co-worker George gets in trouble with his uncontrollable winking. Shutup Carl tells Morgan he has a college fund started for Sam, and has already enrolled him in a schmancy private school. Nina's lawyer "cross-examines" him, asking all the right questions about Sam -- "What's his favorite book?" "What's his teacher's name?" -- none of which Shutup Carl can answer. ["Nina's lawyer is Hallie Lowenthal from My So-Called Life, so you know she's awesome." -- Sars] Shutup Carl says he knows he doesn't know a lot about Sam's everyday life, but that's why he wants Sam, so he can spend time with his son and learn all these things. I'm thinking you should have thought about that a year ago, CARL. He says he wants to share everything with Sam.

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