Where The Heart Is

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Where The Heart Is
nnah to exclaim, "I feel sweaty!" Bright just laughs and goes in for more. Perfect.

Abbotts'. Amy checks in on Rose, who looks like death warmed up, over, besides, under, against, through, and all the other prepositions I forgot. She closes the door to her parents' bedroom, sees her Princeton housing application on a table, and tosses it in the trash. Patch catches her, and waits for an explanation. "I can't go," she says, and asks Patch to just hear her out. She tells him she's had just about the worst high school experience anyone could ever have. Patch says that's exactly why she deserves to go off to college and have a magnificent time. Amy says she will, when the time is right. "Do you know what got me through the past few years, through Colin, and Tommy, and everything?" Patch answers, "Zoloft, as I recall?" Hee. Amy says no, it was her family: him, and Rose, and Bright. And now her mom needs her, and she couldn't forgive herself if she weren't there, every step of the way. Patch waits a beat and tells her, "You know what? I trust you." He walks away, and Amy smiles to no one in particular.

Hey, Delia's at camp! A counselor calls her over and hands her the phone. It's Treat, who asks her how camp is. Delia says excitedly, "I haven't even showered yet! We're having this contest to see who can go the longest." Treat tells Delia, without a hint of sarcasm, that he's proud of her. He asks her, just out of curiosity, how she'd feel if they stayed in Everwood. Delia screams an affirmative scream that would wake the dead. Treat says she should have said something if she felt that strongly about it. Delia tells him she just knows he never wants to do anything unless he thinks it's his idea. Aw. But it's even better now, Delia says, because she told Ethan she likes him, and he likes her back, and now they can go out next year! Treat tells her it was brave of her to tell him. Delia: "I know. Bravery rocks. You should definitely try it sometime." Treat catches sight of Nina through his kitchen window and says, "Yeah, maybe I will." Delia says she's got to go. Treat hangs up the phone and books it over to Nina's house.

"Hey," Treat calls. Nina apologizes for missing the great intervention, but she was taking Hannah to the airport. "So what's the verdict? Did the good people convince you or not?" Treat: "Not exactly, but I've decided to stay." Nina practically hugs him to death, thanking God and saying she was going to be supportive if she had to, but now she's so glad she doesn't have to. She asks him what did it: the mountain air, or the cost of living, or Patch's antics. Treat says it was a little bit of everything; when he first got here, he thought it was for his kids, but now the town and the people in it have become like an extended family. "And since old habits die hard," he continues, "I've taken the ones I cared about most for granted. I've taken you for granted, Nina." Nina tells him he hasn't. Treat says he has, and in the process, he missed it. "I missed our moment. We had one, didn't we?" Nina pretends she doesn't know what he means. Treat tells her she does, too; this thing they have, it's more than just a friendship, it's something that's carried him through the past few years, and he didn't even know it before now. "Didn't...know what?" Nina asks tentatively. "That it's you," Treat answers. "It's always been you. You were the one who's been there for me, and for my kids. When I first came here, you took me into your home; you took me into your heart, and helped me to heal mine. You did that." He takes her by the shoulders, and says that the life she told him he deserved to have, he can't have without her. Nina doesn't know what to say, and settles on, "You're a little late. Jake is here." Treat says he knows, and he knows she has feelings for Jake -- and that they may be stronger than the ones she has for him. "Are they?" Nina says she doesn't know. She starts to ask him how he even knew she had feelings for him, but Treat doesn't want to hear it. He goes in for the kiss. In Nina's front yard. Nice. In Treat's defense, Nina doesn't exactly push him away. When they're done, Treat says he can't tell anymore if what he's doing is brave or selfish, but he knows one thing for certain: "You would be the greatest choice I could ever make, and if you choose me back I know I could make you happy. If you let me." Nina doesn't get to respond, because just then Dimples pulls up. "Honey," he announces, "I'm home." Lord. Dimples kisses Nina hello, then goes to his car to start unloading boxes. Nina and Treat are left facing each other on the sidewalk, exchanging awkward looks. The camera pulls back to get the whole love triangle in the frame, and we fade out.

I can't believe it's the end of the third season. They grow up so fast, don't they? Thanks for a great year, everyone. Yes, even you, Berlanti.

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